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Well today I re-start the diet. I managed to get to goal and pretty much maintain for 10 months, but in November I went on a three week holiday to Florida and a cruise to the Bahamas (I know I'm very lucky....but I'm a travel agent and get good discounts LOL). I didn't diet at all whilst on holiday and I have gained 10lbs. Its pretty scary as I didn't pig out....just ate what most people eat on holiday. I did a test recently online to see what my body needs to tick over if I didn't exercise and basically if I have 1300 calories a day, that is all my body needs. Anything over that (if I don't exercise) I gain weight. Not fair I know as most people lose weight on 1300 calories. It has become clear why Weight Watchers/Slimming World etc do not work for me and that the only diets that do work are Lipotrim and Cambridge Diet (I bet Lighterlife would too). Once at goal I have to pretty much do Weight Watchers to maintain....with just a few treats here and there....not fair, but at least I'm eating. I think over the years I have totally knackered my metabolism and now it doesn't work very well.

Anyways, today I begin to shift the 10lbs gain. I may try for more so I have a nice buffer.

Good luck to all you restarters.
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hiya, im new! im starting on lipotrim on 9th jan (after my uni exams have finished) the fact that you and others have lost so much weight and managed to stick to these diets has inspired me to take control of my own weight! good luck for your re-start!


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Niceto hear from you Shazpaz sounds like you had a great time
all the best the 10lbs will be gone before you know it

xx Sharron

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Shazpaz - the BMR of 1300 you mentioned means if you literally didn't move all day. ANY exercise (not necessarily gym stuff) such as moving around normally increases your calorie needs.

Calculate your BMR again, and this time add the amount of exercise you usually do. Click on 'Daily Calorie Needs' on this link once you know your BMR.

I promise you your body needs more than 1300 daily.

BMR Calculator


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hi all i am starting back on it on the 3rd jan, will be reading this sight for inspiration. there is always that on here as so many people do really well.


hey shaz! Good to see you again! Good luck with restart hun, you will be there in no time. I am restarting today too xx


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Gurl ya look absolutely amazing!! Wishing ya all the best with your last hurdle of 10lbs I am sure ya will do it swim through it!! Ya have succeeded so much so far. Gosh I love your job, I would love to be a travel agent and go on loads of holidays.