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Offal-what do you do with it

I am sticking to red days and as meat is quite expensive,i am just wondering if anyone has offal and what do you cook with it?
Im going shopping today and as i live on my own and i dont get paid till next week,i want to really get as much as i can with my money.

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Mrs V

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I dont eat the stuff myself, but you could do something like roasted liver and onions. You could either roast the liver and onions in a casserole dish with water mixed with beef bovril, or spray with frylite.


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I love liver! Liver and onions yum.... also you can make liver pate, oxtail is fatty but cooked for a very long time in a stew and then skim all the fat off the surface. You can get it from the butcher and it is cheap.

If you like it, google an oxtail stew recipe, it's very rich and filling


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I make a chicken liver & bacon pate which is syn free and lush!

Syn free

Tub of chicken livers (around 450g)
2 onions, chopped
2 clove garlic, crushed
1 tsp mixed herbs
salt & black pepper
pack of bacon medallions (or 8oz bacon), cooked & chopped
fresh herbs (optional)
tub of very low fat fromage frais

Put onion, garlic, & herbs in pan and fry in Fry Light until the onion is soft, add liver and cook for about 7 mins. Put everything in a blender or use blender stick and blend until smooth. Add fromage frais a spoonful at a time (you will only need a couple of tbsp) until the consistency is the same as shop bought pate. This thickens up when left in the fridge. Excellent with Pagen Krisprolls.


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I adore liver! It's nice stir fried too, but it's wonderful with onions! You can often find it in the reduced section of supermarkets as it isn't popular! I buy it and freeze it. It's also nice done on the BBQ.


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I am 'Black Country' (that's in the West Midlands) born and bred and you can't beat a good 'faggot's and pea's' supper......my Grandma's faggots were to die for, bless her.


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Im a butchers daughter and let me tell you, if you cut up Ox heart into thin slices and fry, it tastes as good as steak.....try it, you'll luv it!


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Me again.

My moms favourit used to be curried tripe. Put it in the slow cooker with some onions and potatoes and curry it.


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Lambs' kidneys can be really tasty (and healthy!) if you chop them up small and fry with a light spray until browned a bit, then add a tin of baked beans to the pan with a big dash of lea & perrin's and whatever spices you like. Let it simmer for a while then serve it up on toast with a poached egg on top! Scrambled egg is also yummy with it.

Makes a nice supper!

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