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Offical response from CD on veggie options for the 1000 plan

miss jelly tot

CWP Consultant
S: 13st12lb
As I was struggling with the one veggie option on the 1000 plan I emailed CD and this is the response:

Please see attached some extra options for you on your 1000 programme:

A choice from each section will make up your meal for the evening – you can of course change the vegetables to give you more choice, just use those weights as a guide.

I hope this helps

Best regards

Starchy food examples

40g cous cous

40g basmati rice

40g brown rice

150g sweet potato

200g new potato


85g broccoli

90g cauliflower


200g raspberries

100g apple (1)

100g kiwi (2)

Protein source – dry weight

95g aduki beans

80g lentils

70g soya beans

75g chick peas

80g black eye beans

Soaked, boiled & then add – 1 small onion, 1 tsp garlic, 20g tomato puree and dry spices. No cooking oil allowed for.

75g aduki beans

60g lentils

55g soya beans

60g chick peas

60g black eye beans
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Gone fishing
Excellent! Glad you have some more options. Will be useful for other veggies to know to, so thanks for posting :cool:


Stubborn tortoise
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Thank you Trip... perfect timing.

thanks for that, hopefully ill be on 1000 in a few weeks - cant wait for those beans for some reason!


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Hi Triple Trouble
This is very useful, I am on day 3 of 1000. I found 810 ok but seem to struggle with 1000. I don't eat meat but do eat fish, however tuna should be eaten no more than twice a week and there is a limit to how much fish I can eat.

I did put cottage cheese on both mushrooms and cooked cauliflower and pop under the grill an idea I found on one of the other threads.

It is knowing how to moisten the rice pasta & cous cous.... there is no mention of tomatoes on step 3a but they do appear on 3b..... roll on next week!


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thats great thanks hun, not a veggie, but gives more choice!!

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