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Portion Pots Information

While I was typing this up for another user, I thought why not post it as a tread that can be added to and maybe before a sticky.

Pot Sizes: blue 80ml Yellow 125ml, red 250ml, green 330ml

All-bran Yellow, 30g, 84kcal
All-bran Red, 60g, 168kcal
Baken beans Yellow 115g, 84kcal
Basmati rice (cooked) Red, 144g, 205kcal
Basmati rice (uncooked) Blue, 55g, 205kcal
Blueberries Yellow 70g 38kcal
Branflakes RED 50g 163kcal - Correction!!!
Cheese (mature cheddar) Blue 20g 82kcal
Coleslaw (low calorie) Blue 85g 78kcal
Cottage cheese (low fat) Blue 100g 98kcal
Couscous (cooked) Red 107g 185kcal
Couscous (uncooked) Blue 50g 185kcal
Egg noodles (cooked) Green 170g 225kcal
(equivalent to 1 x 65g block uncooked)
Fromage frais Blue 85g 46kcal
Fromage frais Yellow 135g 73kcal
Fruit juice Yellow 125ml 63kcal
Fruit ‘n Fibre Red 50g 183kcal
Lentils (cooked) Yellow 165g 175kcal
Lentils (uncooked) Blue 50g 175kcal
Muesli Yellow 50g 183kcal
Muesli Blue 40g 146kcal
Pasta shapes (cooked) Green 176g 280kcal
Pasta shapes (cooked) Red 110g 175kcal
Pasta shapes (uncooked) Red 80g 280kcal
Pasta shapes (uncooked) Yellow 45g 175kcal
Peas (frozen) Yellow 70g 44kcal
Porridge (cooked in water) Yellow 122g 125kcal
Porridge oats (uncooked) Blue 35g 125kcal
Potato (mashed) Red 200g 172kcal
Potato (mashed) Yellow 100g 86kcal
Raspberries Red 115g 29kcal
Spaghetti (dry) Hole 52g 182kcal
Special K Green 50g 187kcal
Special K Red 40g 150kcal
Sugar Puffs Green 40g 152kcal
Sugar Puffs Red 30g 114kcal
Sultana bran Yellow 25g 80kcal
Sultana bran Red 50g 159kcal
Sweetcorn (tinned) Yellow 75g 62kcal
Sweet potato (mashed) Red 250g 210kcal
Sweet potato (mashed) Yellow 100g 84kcal
Tomato salsa Blue 75g 23kcal
Wine Yellow 125ml 88kcal
Yogurt (0% greek-style) Blue 80g 42kcal
Yogurt (low fat) Blue 80g 72kcal
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bump - needed this for my pasta, glad i wrote it out as i have now lost it!
I havent a clue how to do things like that. Hopefully this will be spotted.
I have only been having the yellow pot of bran flakes when i have them, thinking its hardly any! doh now i know why, should be the red!
thanks for posting this, I'm on my first day of RC and so far so good. Very helpful thanks :)
thankyou really helpful, I can never seem to find my list when I need it :)
Omg this is so helpful I have copied and added to my. Rc notes to keep print and put on fridge I start thurs can't wait I am just getting bigger so fro thurs onwards that it no more excuses I really need to do this xx
bump,I am doing Slimming World but still use my portion pots for portion control.
Me too. I find they really help xxx

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