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Office 2007 skills test


big bear

A bear on a mission!

I've not done one for a while but as far as I can remember it's easy enough if you know your way around it.

They'll ask things like:

Open a word document, save it to a certain file. Save it as a webpage etc.. Maybe change the page set up. Maybe send the document to an email address.

Editing documents - Copy & Paste a part of a document, make it bold, underline it, things like that. Maybe headers/footers

Maybe insert a picture or word, page number etc.

Format: maybe change the style, bullet points, paragraphs, tabs etc

Tools: they may ask you to do a mail merge,

Table: Maybe ask you to insert a table, add numbers to it, add the numbers up..

The best thing to do if you have access to Word 97 is to open a blank document, along the top you have File, Edit, View, Insert etc. Click on each of them & you'll get a drop down, they'll check that you can do each of the things on there IYKWIM

For example on File: the drop down has New, Open, Close, save so they'll want you to open a new word document, open the folder, then save it etc..they may ask you then to print it, change the page set up etc

If you understand what all the drop down things mean you should be fine.

Sorry if I've rambled a bit but got a 2 year old in my ear, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say lol

Good Luck babe XXX
Thanks hun, will have a play this afternoon xxx

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