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~*Official Team 3 Thread*~

Hello fellow team 3 members...

Still waiting for weigh in results please from Slaterslady and Fatgirl666. Wilma is on hols this week so one result down, but i dont think that is going to hinder us on the whole! Between the 3 of us who have weigh in results we have already beaten the loss that 6 of us managed last week!
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Just messaged you Fizzy :D


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so am i!!!


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Not too bad. Have had no toilet at the start of the week due to bathroom refurb but all sorted now thank the lord!!

Had a good loss 4.75lbs this week but I think we may still be low done in the 'table' of teams looking at some of their losses!!! :(

We we're bottom last week. Hope we're not this week.

No probs hun! Still waiting on slaterslady....

EVERYONE has done so well this week!
Well done!!! I am down to double digits left to lose now, dead chuffed! 15lbs to go until I am half way!!!


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Have you received everyones losses Caryl?

I'm dead impatient to see if we're gonna do batter than last week's last place. :) xx
Still waiting on slaterslady...
Team 3 results...so far (still waiting for results from slaterslady)

BishBosh -8lb, 2.95%
Emmas22 -4.75lb, 2.09%
Fizzy -4lb, 1.91%
Fatgirl666 -4lb, 1.82%
Wilma - on holiday, no weigh in

Overall (so far) -20.75lb 4.7% (i think)
sorry guys I was on a late shift xx But I lost 4lbs this week
Sorry Hon thought I had updated this from last night!!!

Final results...

BishBosh -8lb, 2.95%
Emmas22 -4.75lb, 2.09%
Fizzy -4lb, 1.91%
Fatgirl666 -4lb, 1.82%
Slaterslady -4lb, 1.90%
Wilma - on holiday, no weigh in

Overall -24.75lb 1.89%

Considering we are one member down this week we still whipped everyone elses backsides :)


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We have all done so well this week haven't we?!

Well done everyone. :D xx
Thought I would make this our *Official* thread, as everyone else seems to have one!!! Well done everyone! Fingers crossed for big losses again next week!

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