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oh *!*!*!*, 20 syns today! help!

Hiya, ive heard that some people give themselves their full weeks allowance at the start of the week to count down from, so it doesn't matter how many you have in a day as such, as long as over the week you stay within your weekly allowance :)


Call me Nicky xx
Firstly dont worry about it. I personally would just have a few less syns tomorrow. I am sure that 1 day going over your syns though wont hurt your weightloss dramatically xx

you will prob get a mixed response - some people say its fine to carry them over, other people say just draw a line under it and start again tomorrow!

i have also had an extra easy day and going out for a meal now and after that will have had 20.5 syns for the day. it was my WI this morning so im not worrying at all and will just cut down on syns tomorrow, prob stick to 9 or less - thats what works for me!

dont panic though hun, its easily done

Amy x
Don't worry hun, as long as you keep going that what counts in the long run.

I pigged out at the weekend, had about 100 syns of pizza on Saturday :eek:, but overall I'm still eating better than I was before!

If you are really concerned about it, go for an extra walk round the block.....:character00115:
my consultant said that the best way to work out syns (i use this) is start the week with 105 and work down so i know if i have or have not had my 15 a day
yoga is good, but pilates is better. My friend Matt swears by it! (he is a fireman and a body builder!)

If you don't have a local class, there are loads of vids on youtube.


is getting better at it
hello my leader says to count 105 for the week then count down so if you have a day where you go over by quite a few then you dont feel as if you have done something wrong

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