Oh bolderdash!! Bother!! Knickers!


Gone fishing
DH brought youngest sons Chrissie pressie home today from where we've been storing it. Big and not in a bag.

Left it in the boot:rolleyes:

I went to take son and his friends out a bit later on and suggested they put their stuff in the boot.

Didn't think:eek:

They were there quite a while chatting with the boot open. I was wondering what they were doing. Then they just got in the car as if nothing had happened. It wasn't until I dropped them off and got home did I realise what they were probably chatting about.

You just couldn't miss it. Both of our faults. I knew it would probably be in the boot. Just didn't think:eek: Damn shame as they don't get anything much off anyone else and this pressie was at the top of sons budget so not much else from us either.

Oh well. He'll still be happy with it. Stoopid Mummy and Daddy:rolleyes:
Oh oh

Oh that is awful! How old is the son? So easily done isn't it?

Couldn't read your post without replying!! Still I'm sure he will be delighted with it ... funny that he didn't say anything though??!!
He's 14, so will understand. I guess he didn't really know what to say :(

He'll just pretend he hasn't seen it.
Ah, I bet he will still be just as pleased and is probably even more excited knowing that he is getting it ! These things happen and it's so hectic at the moment trying to keep track of it all.
aww im sure he will still be thrilled, reminds me of a few days ago i had a book int he boot of the car about learning guitar, we have got my son a electric one for xmas, and we came out of tesco laden with shopping and my son went to go in the boot and i practicaly threw myself over the boot of the car to stop him and didnt make it but the book wasnt there my daft hubby had taken it out the boot and not told me,
hey, if he had hated it, most 14 year olds would have let you know and you would still have time to go and exchange it. silence is a positive vote for parental choice.

worry not - with mine we gave up trying to get the 'right' present, so we gave the kids X and said, buy the pressies you want, and we will wrap them up for the day.

went down a storm and around 13/14 is the age we started that at
sheesh it's horrible when something like that happens isn't it! We bought a chocolate fountain as a 'family' gift this year (I know - I'm a masochist!) and we left it on the back seat of the car as we couldn't sneak it in. A few days later, we took my youngest daughter and my niece (same age - 11) out in the car and as I walked towards them, my niece was standing by the back of the car waving the the choccie fountain above her head exclaiming "Look what I've found!!" :eek:

I hastily grabbed it from her and mumbled something to my daughter about it being for another auntie .... (I hate brazen lying - but what can you do??)

It's a bit of a bummer when a suprise is spoiled - but the pleasure your son will get from his pressie won't have been spoiled at all :)
Guess these things happen.:rolleyes: Silly me eh. Ack, he'll still be pleased. The boys have always wanted a tv in their room, but I've never allowed it.

When I asked youngest son what he wanted for Christmas he said a TV/DVD combi for his room, but he knew he'd never get that, so he'd find something else.

So we got him the TV combi. Big step down for us, but the time is right :cool: