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Oh dear, I'm about to fall!!

G: 10st0lb
I'm about to fall of the wagon head first!!!!

My plan for the day was the same as usual, was supposed to have gone the the gym this morning.... But I couldn't be bothered!!!..... I've not even got dresses yet this morning!!!

And now....... I want food!

I want to jump in the car and get a kfc, or a subway, or a pasty of some sort, I want chocolate and crisps.... Mmmm something stodgy!!! I just want a day off!!!

I had a sneak peak at the scales this morning and havnt lost any thing again this week..... So why should I bother not having the things I like!!!

This time next week I'll be flying out on holiday so I know I should be good..... On the other hand we're going all inclusive so I won't be holding back then so it seems like why should I bother now!!!! Ggggrrrrr

why do I do this to myself :(

mmmmmmm kfc!
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Oh babes - I know how frustrating this is! But I can guarantee if you do cave and head for subways you will be back here beating yourself up for giving up.

Get thee in the shower with all your best smellies, put your best outfit on and enjoy your shake!

Most of all - enjoy your holiday!



back once again
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How will you feel after you have had a massive blow out on all the stuff thats bad for you? Initially satisfied but more likely guilty quite quickly after that.

I was one of the biggest emotional and boredom eaters going, and carbs, chocolate etc was always the choice.

Why blow it now? you have done so well almost a stone off! Keep going and stay strong even if you are on an all inclusive holiday soon there would be nothing to stop you from assisting on the run up with some damage limitation.

Good luck, just remember why you started the diet you are on in the first place.



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If you hold back now there'll be even less to lose when you get back hun.


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hope you managed to resist matey. when i did SW and i wasnt loosing anything i used to think the exact same thing - 'oh im not loosing anything so i may as well have a choc bar, what difference will it make'...
but youve done so so well and have a fab hols to luck forward too, well dont coming here beforehand and trying to get motivation, at least you didnt go and get the KFC then come on here after!


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G: 10st7lb
morning lotty - how are you doing honey?

let us know how you coped with the wobble

G: 10st0lb
Hey girls, thanks so much for yesterday. In the end I went out and got myself a jacket potato and cottage cheese from town (I needed a few bits from boots anyway) it still satisfied my takeaway craving without being 'too bad'.... No ideas how many calaries but I had it as my main meal and then had a shake in the evening!

I've got a work do tonight that was organised last minute last night, it's at wing wahs (a Chinese buffet I think) so I'm so glad I didn't pig out yesterday if I'm being a little naughty tonight. I'm going to try having self control there, but you never know!!!


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G: 10st7lb
oh my god i love wing wah! you're not too far away from me, I've been to the coventry one loads of times.

Good choice on the Jacket potato - maybe tonight stick to boiled rice and not egg fried, stir fry veggies? better still go to the tepanyaki grill and get the chef to do your own dish. You'll feel like you're having a real treat but if you go for lean chicken and veg you're onto a winner. And DON'T go near the chocolate fountain unless it is to fill up on fresh fruit!

Have a good time

G: 10st0lb
I am looking forward to it! It's actually the wing wahs in nechelles in Birmingham we're going to as I work in brum so most of them live that way! At leaste I have to drive so there won't be tempted to drink!


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G: 10st7lb
Lol...Driving does have its plus points - keeps you away from the vino and the puddings...


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