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Oh dear, Iv just found out Im pregnant too

Hi guys,

Oh I feel really stressed, Iv been on holiday this week and starting feeling unwell, hubby suggested I did a pg test, just to rule it out. My periods have been all over the place with this diet.

Well the test stick turned blue this morning :eek::eek::eek:

The timing is'nt great at all, Iv still got 4 stone to lose.

I know I cant really do any of the cd plans, but I still need to lose weight, I need to be really healthy for this pg, I had loads of probs last time because of my excess weight. so not losing weight is'nt an option.

I will carry on with a cd meal, just for the vits etc.. but I still want to follow a low carb/low fat eating plan.

Please can you suggest really low carb/fat foods and where can i get them from?

I need your support more than ever now, so Il keep posting if thats ok with you guys :)

I need all the advice i can get


bm2lm xx
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Look you have done fantastically well - you have shifted an awful lot of weight so that is going to help loads!

I think I am right in saying that during the pregnancy you actually only need 200-300 more cals that you normally would. So how about having a chat with your midwife/GP and asking if it would be sensible to go on a cal controlled healthy eating plan? I am sure they would support your very sensible view that you still want to lose weight, despite this little baby popping along.

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS< a new baby, how exciting!



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I did weight watchers through my pregnancy and didnt put weight on...until the last couple of weeks when I put on 7lbs......you need to make sure you eat healthily for you and the baby. You can lose weight whilst eating well too.

Congratulations on the baby too.....how exciting.
Congratulations :)
I think you just need to try and eat as sensibly as you can, they say that while pregnant you only need to take in an extra 500cals a day?
Best wishes



i love minimins me :)

hope everything goes well for u and ur baby, and same advice about ur diet as everyone else


Thanks guys :)

Even though the timing's not grand, it still is something we've been wanting for a long time.

I had been on fertility drugs without success, but since losing weight my body has started to ovulate all by itself :):)

I would like to do some sort of low carb diet, ww or sw never worked for me, do you have any tips/ideas?

Thanks again :):)

bm2lm xx
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Congratulations on the wonderful news! Looks like we may be having a baby boom on MMs :D

Why not ask your midwife / GP to refer you to a dietician for the best advice on a balanced diet that will be beneficial to both you and your baby.


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Congratulations on your lovely news !

My advice is the same as everyone else - healthy eating.

My daughter is due to have her baby on the 5th June and she has only put on 3kg since the start. She was overweight beforehand and had been planning to do CD. She has had only healthy food and so has lost weight as the baby has grown. The answer is no sweets, chocolate, take aways and ready prepared meals and you will be fine.


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What lovely news!! I love babies, but sadly my baby years are over, at 43!! (plus I think I'm right in saying you have do "thingy" to make them??LOL!! No chance here then !!)

You said SW doesnt suit, & you fancy low carb, well, wouldnt their original plan be ok. Its lots of meat/fish etc & very little carbs. I used to be a SW counsellor in a past life, b4 I fell far from the wagon & often clients found that while the green (pasta/potato etc) plan was not ideal, the original protein based plan gave great results. Just my tuppence worth, any how!!

Still, fab brill news re: Baby!! You must really enjoy every aspect!!



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BM2LM Congratulation :).

I've been feel broody because my daughters been nagging me to have another baby as she an only child (17 yrs old baby).

Sonkie how much did your baby weigh? I put on about 4st when I was pregnant:mad:, well that was 17 years ago.


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Can't add anymore advise to which previous posts have given you. Just keep yourself as healthy as possible & continue with CD full on after the birth.

Good Luck, i'm so jealous....xxx


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Many congratulations. Hope you're feeling o.k.
My advice is the same as some others. It is vital you talk to your G.P and midwife. They will advise you of the best way to lose weight while getting the right nourishment for you and the baby. I had a miscarriage while dieting ( didn't know I was pregs because of unbalanced periods!) I'm convinced it was due to a very strict diet I was on.
So please at least talk it over with your health professionals. They can even make an individual plan for you.
Best of luck to you and congratulations again.


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Congratulations BM2LM, What fab news :D
Fabulous news Not so big Mama!! You've done great so far honey. Before starting LL/CD I followed a low carb diet for 2 years and maintained my weight. With PCOS I had been piling on a stone a year with a normal low fat diet!! I plan on going back to it to maintain once I have reached goal... I knwo what you mean about years of fertility drugs - am so hoping to have same surprise as you from losing the weight!!

The best advice I can offer is to avoid refined carbs, no white bread, no white pasta, limited potatoes, no white rice, no cakes, no biscuits, no sweets etc. It's pretty much low Gi eating and there are a few books on the market that you can get the principle from. You need some carbs for a balanced diet in order to keep you and baby healthy but as your body deals with refined/unrefined carbs in different ways, you should find that it helps you maintain rather than put on much weight during your pregnancy.

Many Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. xx


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Congratulations, im sure everything will work out great and cd will still be here when the baby has arrived!!! Enjoy every moment of it honey, sarahxx.

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