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oh dear, just had a blow out!

I have only been doing Sw for 1 week but I have found the last 3 days really tough. I have been craving anything sweet, biscuits chocolate etc. Today I caved in and had a curly wurly which I knew was 6.5 syns. This would have been fine if I had stopped there....but I didn't!! :( Having not had any chocolate for 1 week I ate the curly wurly and then couldn't stop!!! I have just eaten bread & nutella, some prawn crackers and a couple of packs of mini box smarties! I am now feeling v. guilty and am not sure what I should eat for the rest of the day? (I do feel a bit sick at the moment though!::eek:
Should I be really strict tonight for dinner and just have fruit & yogurt to compensate or should I carry on as normal? Am supposed to be on a Green Day!! (More like chocolate day!!)

I don't feel too defeated, and know I will carry on as normal now I have got my 'blip' out of the way. I kind of feel I have had my craving and so know I will be OK now, but just a bit worried about what will happen in a few days when I get another one!!!!

Any tips???
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Good on you for stopping now, as your binge could have carried on all day.

so give yourself a pat on the back for been so strong.

i wouldnt just eat fruit and yoghurt in case you get hungry again, and it starts your cravings off again just be sensible.

im sure girls will be here with some good advice soon.

But you have relised you have been wee bit naughty and are putting it right.

good luck
thanks for your lovely replies! I think I have realised that rather than having no treats/choc at all I need to incorporate a few in every week so it feels as though am not denying myself. Think that's how it all started! I didn't have anything for nearly 1 weeks so was just dying for something and then once I had started to was a downward spiral!! Went out an bought some option drinks for future cravings!!! Am feeling very, very guilty now though!!
ditch the guilt as that does no-one any good. Accept you're human but that although you do have the strength to beat these cravings sometimes these things happen. Accept and move on :)
Beating yourself up about it - worst thing possible.

You're on the right track now that you're going to allow yourself a few somethings every week :) If you're a weekly syn counter, I'd say get a bag of Revels/Maltesers/Minstrels and work out the syns for the whole bag (cals divided by 20) and then take out that number from your 105, so you're able to munch on the chocs whenever without feeling guilty because you've already counted them in, and you know when the bag finishes, you've had your lot! Just remember to keep in mind that your weekly syns are then reduced - which will probably mean you eat a lot more free and superfree foods, in turn (hopefully) meaning a bigger loss!

You really need to allow yourself to have treats or else you'll feel deprived. I always put curly wurlys in the freezer so they take longer to eat and then I feel like Ive had more!


ps curly wurlys are only 6 syns

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