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oh dear.


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afternoon all, I come here with my head in hands this afternoon as I have had a rubbish 10days...

I missed my weigh in last Thurs as had a bad week and was ashamed (didnt want to face the truth more like!), was then away for a long weekend, had every intention of being good and not going completely off track, but I did, then I've struggled to get back in to it. My weigh in is tomorrow night but I've *only* lost 6lbs since joining SW 4 weeks ago and am realyl quite scared I've just gone on put it all back on. So i dont want to go.

Now (honestly please!) do i go and jsut deal with it - jsut hoping it's not so bad that I get completely disheartened. Or have a focused week and go next Thurs with a view to hopefully being back where I was a couple of weeks ago?? x x x x
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I know how you feel! A few weeks back, this happened to me and I missed 2 weigh ins because I was so ashamed and didn't want to admit I had gained. But after a phone call with my consultant, I went the following week and faced the music LOL. It wasn't as scary as I thought and I am glad I went. Yes, I had gained (I had eaten loads) and had put on 1.5lb. Had only lost 5.5lb up until that point and was disheartened but it was my own fault.

Going back to group really helped me put it all back in my head and I started afresh that day. Have lost that gain since then and although it took me 2 weeks, I am still going.

Let us know what you decide to do xxx


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If you miss this week then you could really lose the plot. Go, fess up it will be a great relief and will focus you far more than trying to do it on your own.


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Hi sweetie,

You are exactly like me - I have already "skipped" two of my wi cause I didn't want to "face my failure" haha
I'd like to advise you to go ahead and have a chat with a leader (as long as it's someone supportive) and explain the situation. She/He should be able to motivate you and get you back on track - that's their job!!!!
On the other hand when I missed my first meeting I kinda expected someone asking questions. Especially that when I had following WI you could clearly see that I missed one and only had 1lb loss anyway.
Guess what, she didn't even notice!!!! It made me question my group choice. I think I'll try different location.
I also "skipped" this week wi cause I knew it's not going to be good but it only made me motivated to do better next week. (fingers crossed)
Don't worry even if you were to put your 6lbs back on cause if it
wasn't for a diet you'd be an additional 6lbs bigger from your starting weight. That's just a thought....
Loss weight is a long marathon and difference between successes and failures is NOT EVER GIVING UP. No one said it's going to be smooth ride but I can guarantee that it's well worth it...

Let me know what did you decide and if you decide to go, how did you get on.
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I'd imagine that if I didn't go on the weeks when I gained, I'd slip out of the plan completely and then just give up all together.

At least if you go to the group, you know it'll be crap, but after that you can draw a line under it. Get yourself back to the group. Pretend like you're starting all over again. That's what usually works for me.


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Please go TOMORROW... don't put it off.
Speaking from experience, and I have been there, believe me. I had a bad week, so I did not go, then the second week was not so good so thought I would really try the third week and go back. Guess what? I never did.
This has happened to me every time I joined SW, except when I targeted and got too lax and lost it.
So unless there is a really good reason (not bad weeks!) always go. That way you can turn bad weeks into good weeks.
Good luck!

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Hi, just wanted to say that it's a really slippery slope if you start missing WIs! xxx


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ahhhh i know you're all right. I will go... will let you know how i get on. I guess I could still lose a few pounds before the New year - and start it on a good note for a change! Thanks all for your comments xx x x
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Definately go, just get it over with and start afresh from now. Whats done is done and no point dithering over it. Cann't undo it, so move on and put it down to part of the learning curve. Bite the bullett hun, it might be painfull, it might not, but as already said "fess up" and wipe the slate clean. Good luck xx

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