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Oh..Dilemma...really need advice :(


2010 - Year I get slim :)
Hey all. Well I am in a HUGE dilemma at the moment, I am looking for some advice as I am honestly in such a pickle over something I need to get some opinions.
It is about a potential blip that may occur on Friday (shock horror I know, 23 days in and I have finally approached my first potential slip up :/ )

Ok so a work colleague who I have known very well for a while now is leaving on Friday. Everyone in work is going out to the pub for a dinner and a few drinks as a leaving celebration. After the pub we are then all going to the club for a bit of a dance. Now you can see where this is going haha....

Because of my self-image issues and perception issues the only time I feel comfortable going out to a club and having a dance is when I have had one or two drinks and feel a little tipsy. When I have had a few drinks I am not so bothered about my self-image issues and I then generally can have a fun time. If I do not drink I would not be able to go and have a good time as I would be too aware of myself and constantly thinking people are looking at me. I find it hard to loosen up in clubs when I have not had a drink L

I do not want to say no to the leaving do because I feel that it is not fair to my work mate. I have known them a while and I do not want to start becoming a social recluse where I do not go out and celebrate at her leaving do just because I am dieting. Sounds odd but to me that is a bit selfish. I want to give her a good sending off but I know that If I went and was still on the diet I would be a wet blanket haha. I would not be able to loosen up and it would make me feel awkward. I want to be able to have a meal, a drink and a laugh with everyone and not feel like the odd one out. I could go the pub and not drink or eat... but my worry is that when the night gets into full swing I’ll forget and then have a drink... and we all know the dangers of having a drink in ketosis.

So I thought about having Friday as a day off the diet... and getting straight back onto it on the Saturday. I would not have a problem restarting the diet as I am 100% confident that this diet works and I can follow it easy. I am worried that by having 1 day off the diet I will put all the weight back on and that I will be seen as weak because I could not stick to it 100%.

I am really not sure what to do...half of me wants to go, have 1 day off, drink and have fun (not been out since Nov) and then get back on the horse on the Saturday. But the other half then is hating myself because I feel weak and that I should just not go or try and go on just water, because if I stop the diet now I will never get back into it.

I am soooo torn and confused over what to do. I might need to speak to my CDC. I am just not sure >.<
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My CDC said to me, not to deny myself special occasions because you'd don't want to regret not having a good time.

I've heard that alcohol is bad whilst in Ketosis, so you might want to have a sensible day on Thursday (normal food) and bring yourself out of ketosis and then continue back your diet on the Saturday.

If you're 100% sure you've got the self control to get back on that wagon on Saturday, then go out and enjoy it.


2010 - Year I get slim :)
I am more than confident I can get back on the wagon on Saturday.

The problem is that even tho I know I am doing this for a special occasion I just feel a bit weak like I should be able to do this through every occasion and not come off it for anything. I mean people have blips right? I just dont know what to do I am beating myself up about this too much I think :(
Ok my opinion might not be popular but here goes

Speaking as someone who has come off CD to go on holiday 3 times in total since i started..AND got back on the horse straight away...... i would advice to work up the plans to the night off and have a good time.

Lets face it, you aint gonna enjoy yaself sober..youve already said that...and i know what its like to feel self concious....not good..and you wont relax.

Im not sure what plan you'd need to go on before you come off for friday ..but it would be alot higher than SS+/SS ....

If you know deep down you can get straight back on the diet..then do that.

Just maybe cut out the carbs on the meal..that CAN be done..and do easy on the booze..you wont need alot anyway you been off it for months lol
The thing is hun, drinking isn't a good idea whilst on this diet. So for you to go out and have the good time you want to have and enjoy yourself (which you said, currently, isn't possible without a little 'pick me up' drink) you'll need to stop the diet for a couple of days. If it was just going out for a meal, then you could of been sensible and had a chicken salad.

It's my mum's 50th tomorrow, she's only going to be 50 once. So I'm going to have some of the birthday cake!

Me and MrsE are on the same lines as each other. Go out and enjoy yourself. You've done amazing so far, I believe you'll get right back on that horse and continue it :)


2010 - Year I get slim :)
what exactly would I need to do in order to come out of ketosis?

Would it be a case of having a normal food day on the thursday and a normal food day on the friday so that by friday night i could handle one or two drinks?

And by normal food are we talking high protein low carb? Or would I need a carb food diet to get out of ketosis

Have a read through that hun.

I'm not entirely sure what you'd need to do to bring yourself out of Ketosis in terms of specific things like protein and carbs.

Personally I'd have a balanced day totalling up to a decent amount of calories.

Breakfast - Toast, poached/scrambled eggs?

Lunchtime - Sandwich and some fruit?

Dinner - Simple salad?

Something along those lines.

And then again on the Friday.

But keep up your water intake!


2010 - Year I get slim :)
yup I have read through that hun thats why I am in such a dilemma haha. I just don't trust myself to be out with all my mates, and not have a drink to loosen me up :( So I would need to come out of the ketosis before Friday I imagine. Maybe a normal day's meal on the Thursday and Friday day time would help. You hear about people getting knocked out of ketosis just by eating something like a pizza or some junk food so its not that hard to do I imagine.

It's just so hard to make the decision haha. I know the only reason I want to come off is just this 1 special leaving do occasion. I have no problem going back on the diet. I just worry that Ill beat myself up over coming off the diet for the sake of 1 night
Ant hun you ARE beating yourself up about it WAYYYYY to much!! Come off CD on Thursday and have the two days off, try and pick good food choices hun! You cant sit in the house the whole time you are on the diet. You have done really well so far and your also going to do well over the next week!! You know your gonna come off the diet it is planned so how are you weak?? You have stuck to this diet and lost so much and you plan to carry on on the Saturday... that dont seem weak to me at all!!! Lots of people are having time off the diet e.g. Valentines Day, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Weddings etc. So dont not feel weak your very stong for saying ''hey i can come off this diet pick good choices AND go back on the diet on the Saturday'' Now go and enjoy yourself!!! Or i will poke you in the eye haha!! :p xxx


2010 - Year I get slim :)
aww Tasha you always know the right things to say hahaha <3

And you are right maybe I am beating myself up way to much. I am not going to put on like a stone in one evening and whatever I do put on I will easily lose the following week back on the diet. I might risk having those first 3 days again where you feel awful BUT I survived it once fine I can do it again.

I think I need to just relax and not beat myself up. Put life in perspective. I worry if I start just staying at home and deny the special occasions I will just become a recluse and as long as I am making the choice to have a day or two off.. and not slipping and eating by accident.. then I am still in full control of what I am doing and therefore I shudn't feel as bad about it

If ya get me xx
Ant hun you know what your doing, its YOUR diet and YOU make the choices. You plan to come off the diet (its a planned choice) so you are still in full control and its only for 2days you aint gonna put on everything you have lost lol, and within a few days that will be gone lol. Beating yourself up about things will just make things worse, you will feel weak and the guilt will make u think ''oh i might as well eat what i want, i have broke it now'' and that will be a bad thing. Dont beat yourself up about it no more and just think to yourself ''yes i have come off the diet, it was my choice and i am still in total control!! which you are :D

I think your doing so well hun, even with this you have thought about it and planned it so much you really do need a pat on the back for doing so well!! well done <3 xxx


2010 - Year I get slim :)
I know logically what you say is true Tasha but I just still cant help feeling guilty and weak just at the thought of having 2 days off.

I might have a word with my CDC tomorrow... either that or just bite the bullet.. have 2 days off.. and live with the consequences on the Saturday hahaha (which is W.I. day thats even worse haha)
Hi Ant

It sounds as if you due a good night out if your last big event was in November - go for it, and have fun. You are such a determined person so you will get right back on SS.

Best of luck - have a great time - the memories of it will sustain you on SS until another important occasion arises (which might be months and months away) Go for it young man (says this young-at-heart 40 something chick!) x
Hi Ant

It sounds as if you due a good night out if your last big event was in November - go for it, and have fun. You are such a determined person so you will get right back on SS.

Best of luck - have a great time - the memories of it will sustain you on SS until another important occasion arises (which might be months and months away) Go for it young man (says this young-at-heart 40 something chick!) x
well said :) xx

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Okay. I'm going for the really unpopular opinion here. It sounded like from your first post that you'd already made up your mind about what you wanted to do.

When I did SS+ and 810, I simply skipped the meals. It's amazing the excuses you can come up with IF you want to ie needing to have blood tests the next day so can't eat, on antibiotics so can't drink etc. At the end of the day, it's all about what's more important to you. For me, it was about sticking to the plan because I oh so needed to learn discipline and I didn't want to risk throwing away a week's weight loss for just one night, and not to mention the expense. I'd also read about people being sure that they'd be okay to get back on plan then taking another few weeks at least to get back on plan. Again, not something I wanted to take the risk with.

I missed out some delicious meals (on company expense!!) but it was worth it because I knew there'd always be food afterwards and it was more important for me to be happy shedding the flab.

Please know that not for a second am I saying that my decision is right for you but it was right for me and I just wanted to let you know it is possible.

I knew that I ate and drank for all the wrong reasons and taking those factors out of the equation really allowed me to face some deep issues. If I'd not faced them then, they would have come up when I was back on food.
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i have every sat off and get back on without fail on sunday morning. i am on wk 5 and have lost 15lbs so far. got another 15lbs to go. dont worry, do what is right for you, just make sure you get back on the wagon when the time comes. i am taking the scenic route and it works for me. do what feels right for you.


2010 - Year I get slim :)
hah I really don't know I am going to have to have a good think about it :p

Part of me now just thinks I should just not go... i mean Laura does have a valid point. I have a best friend birthday in March and I know im going to come off it for that... so maybe I should give this one a miss and save myself till March

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