Oh for goodness sake!!


Gone fishing
.....what am I like:mad:

Okay. I avoid toast. I struggle to eat a slice. I can only have toast in half loaves...followed by crisps and chocolate.

So if I want toast, I have it when I know there is no opportunity for a binge to follow.

Works well. I assumed it did something to my blood sugars or whatever that caused be to want the entire contents of Tesco.

Today, lunchtime, and I'm really fancying toast. I know how to quelm the chatterbox most of the time, so I think...go for it! You can do it. You know it makes your blood sugar do whatever, so have the toast and follow it with something that will settle it (at the moment I'm finding hot banana and cinamon sorts me out).

So I put bread under grill and I'm watching it and thinking....while this is cooking I could always have a flapjack from that box.....wonder if I could pop down the shops now and get a mars bar?....perhaps I'll get some cheese (like 1/2lb) to put on my toast ...

Oh for goodness sake!!! I haven't eaten the bloody thing yet!! How come it's already set off all these cravings!!:mad::mad:

I've gone totally mental now.

Yo've done brilliantly. I'm on awe of you. Have the cinnamon and banana, put the toast in the bin.
Too late. I've had the toast. Had the banana too. Pleased I put the chatterbox behind me though and just had what I originally wanted.

But weird eh:confused: I thought the trigger was supposed to come after the triggers food are eaten, not whilst cooking.

Duh. Ficko I am.:eek:

Another lesson learnt. Crikey....how many chapters are there in this book????
Yeah well ... I'm looking to you to get me through. How the hell did you make it passed day 1? I'm struggling.
Oh I do that too - toast = binge. It's a natural law of physics!

I had toast and banana for breakfast then tried really hard to be good so binged on pineapple and grapes. Not perfick but better than my usual failure!

Toast should be outlawed and run out of town!
I was a terrible crumpet boy!!

Haven't had one since finishing the diet as they stir the desire to eat 12 of them with butter and marmite in me.

Best avoided.......
Yeah well ... I'm looking to you to get me through. How the hell did you make it passed day 1? I'm struggling.

Umm. I had two choices. Stay as I was or change.

How did I get past day 1? I'm not sure. I know I kept myself busy. I kept out of the house for much of the time, and when I was there I kept an excel sheet and marked down the minutes until day 4 when I knew it would probably be easier.

Just kept knocking them off :)

I know it's not easy...just hang in there. Better days to come if you can stay to plan :)

Drink loads of water...that helps...keep occupied...and have faith in yourself :)
Yep me too, toast, crumpets, bread of all descriptions sets me off. Love the stuff but know what it leads to. Every time ive let myself down with any diet it has been over giving in to the craving for bread. I should hate it, it bloats my belly out til i look pregnant and when i stop eating it within days look and feel so much better. Ive thought of seeing a hypnotist just to get rid of my bread addiction, but thought they might laugh. Alcohol, cocaine?nah just give me a crusty granary loaf and im anybodies.
Aaah Karion - Another one here who has trouble with bread). Where I'm concerned, though, it's because of the amount of butter I put on it (teeth marks required!!)

I reckon what happened is that your brain told you "bread = break diet = might as well have other things while I'm at it"

I allow myself toast + butter + honey (or whatever) on Sunday. Two slices with unlimited butter. Because I now know it's "allowed", and a "planned treat", it no longer sends me on a 24 hour bender.

It's something I look forward to (how sad!) during the week if bread pops into my head, and I can ENJOY IT while I'm eating it, and now have no GUILT afterwards.

As I said yesterday, I plan plan and plan more. I even plan my treats. I find it helps with guilt which can lead to binging
Well said maintainer.

It's amazing how many people find bread and should I dare say 'crumpets' :D a trigger food.

I refuse to give up on it though. It's true what you say about "bread = break diet = might as well have other things while I'm at it"

After all, I always have toast without a problem on certain days. It's because I didn't plan this one. That's it isn't it?

Reckon you've hit the nail on the head with that.:cool:
Remember Karion we chatted yesterday about the 80/20 method that I follow to maintain?

While I admit that it took time for me to get it right, and not starve weekdays and binge all weekend(!) - and I won't pretend to you that some weeks don't still go that way;) - on the whole by allowing myself a chocolate snack (with pieces carefully counted out), I've stopped binging on chocolate!
Well done Maintainer!!!

Weekends, especially Saturdays I find hard as that was my Big out day between out shopping for the week and out to dinner and feeling well...I deserve it:eek:

It is difficult changing old ingrained patterns of behaviour that become ever so conditioned into the routine of life, but I do know they can be changed.

For it was the same when I smoked...everything was done with a fag in one hand and my favourite saying was "wait a minute t'ill I have a fag"!

Now I can't even imagine smoking again or even believe I was a smoker!

This change to do with smoking did not come dramatically over night either...The first year was the most difficult and again I was not an over night conversion...I did it kicking and screaming all the way...:(

It was just that I was determined to give smoking up...and I have done...9 years come next January.

Unfortunately...I swapped smoking for eating junk:mad:

Now I am trying to learn how to make healthier choices whilst under stress and to stand back and look at the big picture.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks karion and everyone who is maintaining for posting your experiences.

I'm due to be starting my week 3 on the LL route to management programme this weekend. It's not until week 8 that they get you to intruduce some common staple trigger foods like rice, pasta , noodles. In susequent weeks we get to deal with breads, cheese, chocolates and sweets and I am dreading those weeks in one way yet looking forward to them because I know I am going to learn lessons that will last me a lifetime :D Hopefully enough lesson to let me win the majority of the time so that I can maintain my weight, I don't expect or want to be perfect - for one thing it wouldn't be fair on everyone else :D :p Tee hee!
I can't remember what week bread came when I did the Cambridge stabilisation bit. I remember doing though. I put on 2lbs overnight! Frightened me to death. It was only one slice too!

The thought of having to deny myself bread for the rest of my life, was enough for me to want to put my head in the gas oven.

Unfortunately, the gas is now non-poisonous, and all I would have noticed the oven needed a clean and been distracted anyway:rolleyes:.

I tried again the next day (with the bread that is...not the head in the oven;)). Another 2lbs on! I was mortified.

Stopped it and the weight came off.

Now I can eat it without the gain as long as I resist the rest of the loaf. Thank goodness for that:)

I try to be as honest with my feelings as possible on this thread. Saving nothing for the imagination. The fear is that people will be scared to walk this path.

In reality the path is relatively smooth. It's a good path to go down. I look forward to the day when all the bumps are gone and I can just view green pastures and daisies without wondering whether they will be trigger foods;)
Start weight: 22 stone (March 2002)
Target weight: 10 stone 7lbs (Dec 2003)
Now: 10 stone 3lbs :)


You guys are something else! :D :D