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Oh god im back AGAIN


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Im not going to do a whole big speech like some people ( hi Marie - just kidding by the way lol ) but im back and fatter than before i will leave it at that ......
Im even too ashamed to say how heavy i am but im determined to shift it ..... The problem is i have found a noooooooooooooooo man who is a FABULOUS cook but he puts butter and cream in EVERYTHING :eek: even vegetables so i have slowly crept up and up

I havent been doing WW for ages now, i have been convincing myself that i have but yoyoing between a few lbs doesnt actually count .... i have told him that i am going to lose weight, which doesnt mean im going to have a cracker and bottle of water a day but can he just not put butter AND cream in the mashed potatoes hahahahahaha

He does shift work so for the next 7 days i can eat how i like then when he is home i will sort of eat well in the morning and afternoon and then his dinners should be fine, but he has no idea of portion control either and he dishes up enough food for 2 people on my plate and to be honest it tastes soooooooooooo nice i eat it aswell :rolleyes: Then the puddings ...... oh god im surprised i havent keeled over now ..... but he does love walking and we have been going out with the dog when the weather is nice for a couple of hours at a time and i really think if i was just eating a little bit better then i would see weight loss but i ruin it when we get back.
I have also joined a gym which is fone and even better cos they have not so far in the 3 months i have been going activated the direct debit so at the moment im getting it for free .... which might be why im not going often i think well im not actually paying for it - but thats going to change
Im going to do one exercise thing a day, dont mind what walking, bike, gym or dvd but make sure i do something

Anyway thats enough from me , i do have to confess i cant find my WW shopping guide so am a bit EEEEKKKKK about that but this morning have used 7 points on mushrooms on toast and a couple of cups of coffee cos i dont have the red milk in only the green but im going to stop on the way home from work today and grab some things from morrisons
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good luck! your fella sounds lovely and im sure he will be supprtive. im so jealous of the free gym membership lol. mine costs a flippng fortune!

sounds like u have made a good plan for all eventualities so you will do well. best of luck xxxxx
sounds like you've grabbed yourself a keeper there! Aww just reading your message makes me feel hungry....cream butter yummy! Well done for coming back to us. Im so jealous about the free gym membership make the most of it!xxx


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Thanks Paula

I planned out the next couple of weeks worth of food and got up this morning and went to have some toast and the brat ate it all before football training :rolleyes: so have had coffee and will take a filling lunch to work with me

Tonight im having oven baked sage and mushroom pie, it looks quite nice in the book and i will work out the points in it as i go but really the only things in it to be pointed are the potato and the egg the rest is free stuff so i might get a chicken breast to go with it
Im not going to do a whole big speech like some people ( hi Marie - just kidding by the way lol )

A girl could be offended ya know!!! But luckily not me, because I have no idea who you're referring to....must be the another Marie :whistle: lol!

Congrats on the new fella! He sounds like a dream (any man who can cook gets the thumbs up in my book!).

You'll have that weight back off in no time - just don't disappear on us again!

Are you back at meetings or just doing it at home?? How much have you got to lose? (I know, I know, I'm a nosey cow, lol).

It's good to have you back ;)


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OMG you're bloke sounds like mine! I've ballooned since I met him (after losing 5st before I met him!!)
Best of luck to you on your WW journey :)


I will get to goal .....
If only my BF knew we had a kitchen :sigh:!! Just joking he's very good too, but his idea of portion control is to fill the plate .... our's our very big too!!!

Best of luck with WW - can't wait to hear how you are getting on.
Its going well, stuck to my points yesterday and so far today have had 18 out of 25. Thats including dinner we are having Devilled pork chops, paprika wedges and either sweetcorn or peas.

Have some snack things for tonight if i get peckish which i usually do about 8-9pm. I took my own lunch to college today and it really helped me stick to my points cos i knew EXACTLY what was in it.

How is everyone doing, Im hoping to get to the gym in the morning or do a dvd at home


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Well so far so good, last night we had chicken tonight and a few oven cooked potatoes. Wasnt the greatest meal on the planet but it was filling enough.

I have a fairly busy day today so should burn off a few calories and have really found it helpful that i have planned my brekfast lunches and dinners so i KNOW what im having and how many points i have to play with through the day


I will get to goal .....
Hey Chick, sounds like you are sorted with organising yourself and your points each day!! That's half the battle I think. I always try and organise my food the night before so I know what to have when and how many points I have left!!

Keep at it, those lbs will be gone in no time

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