oh my god!!!!

I'm going to the Rocky Horror show tonight with the guys and girls from work, everyone going in tarty fancy dress.... i feel so big and fat, but have got something to wear, i think i'm gonna feel so self conciuos all night, at one time i would have got drunk and not cared... but i don't want to ruin my diet and am accounting for the vodca i am going to be drinking in with my syns, so won't be having too many. I wish i hadn't bought tickets so i didn't have to go..... i have even told a lie to my work mates so i can come home from show instead of going into town clubbing and drinking...
I hate feeling like this and am looking forward to when i have lost my weight and can go out and feel confident and sexy and enjoy my life.... Does anyone else get like this when they go on nights out....
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Bless you xxx

I hope you have a fabulous time when you get there and maybe you'll be able to stay out with them xxx


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I know exactly how you feel, its horrible! But I bet you'll still look great, dont focus on the negatives, you're making really positive changes and you'll be at goal before you know it if you stick with this! Have a good time :D


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Yes I know exactly how you feel. I've got a wedding reception on Saturday. I don't want to go. I've got nothing to wear and look awful in everything. Being so good, and remaining fat.



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aww go have fun, i am jealous and wish i was going. dont worry about how look just have fun with your friends and i am sure you will look amazing!


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I went to the Rocky Horror Show a couple of weeks ago (saw Ainsley Harriot). There were people of ALL shapes and sizes so don't worry. I bet you will look like a hottie!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun (I love the Rocky Horror Show and now have the songs going round in my head now. Woohoo).

K xx

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Trust me at Rocky you will not feel self concious - the show is too brilliant for that! You'll see all shapes and sizes there - just enjoy yourself! Am very jealous! xx


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I wish it was me going!

Love it for the night out that it is, and try not to think bad thoughts about yourself, you are a lovely lady with a very demanding job(think you are a nurse? lol), and you need to let your hair down every now and again and live life to the full

if you want i will go in your place, only thiing is that i am in glasgow with a 2 yr old that drives me demented!!!!!

laura x


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Yes, totally!! I'm forever making excuses not to go on work dos etc and the thought of weddings fills me with absolute dread!! And it's ALL because of my weight (well at least my terrible perception of how I look!!) I've really felt it's been holding me back from living my life fully and happily, which is why I'm now biting the bullet and making positive changes!! I wish I wasn't like it- I suppose it's a form of vanity because I know there are many people a lot bigger and uglier than I am, and what really fills me with shame is that there are a lot of people with disfigurements who manage to go out and have a good time!! But it's this inbuilt thing in me that I have to look fab and I must admit I compare myself ALL the time to slim people in fab gorgeous clothes and it fills me with absolute envy!! So I completely sympathise with you, and am also filled with absolute excitement to be getting rid of my hangups, being able to wear all the clothes I LOVE, not just clothes that fit and I think look 'OK' on me, and just feeling confident in myself and not inferior to others!! The positive thing about it is that all these things are really motivating me to get to my target!

You'll have a great time at RHPS! Yes there will be all sorts of shapes and sizes there and you'll be glad you went! Sometimes it's the thought of it that's worse!!XXX


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Rocky is the last place yourll ever feel self concious trust me pmpl! Im a rocky veteran and through the years my weights gone up and done like Franks knickers and i still done the same corsetsk, sometimes they fit and sometimes my boobs could knock people out! Enjoy it! Its amazing!!! David Badella....mmmmmm