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Oh my, ill, gain, feeling down etc, please cheer me up!

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Hi everyone,
Please excuse me, this is a very sorry for myself post and very long! The last two/three weeks have been so hard for me...all was well until around week 6 where I had an unexpected 1lb gain. Week 7 I got ill, a nasty fluey bug. I spoke to my CDC who told me I shouldn't do SS if I felt ill as I needed my strength etc to get better. I watched what I ate (mainly soup and a couple bowls of ice cream) but I had a gain of a further 8lbs!!!! Not joking! For the first half of week 8 (this week) I felt better and SS'd, lost all but 2lb of the gain, and heres the really annoying bit, by Tues of this week I was starting to feel ill AGAIN. I now have another nasty fluey bug and feel even worse than last week and the scales have gone up by 3lbs over night. I have had to cancel my weigh in again this week as feel too ill to go out and have just been laying, rotting in my bed for the last few days! Fortunately my CDC is really supportive and told me not to worry and to get well and then get back to SS when I am better.

I can't cope with gaining this weight, I basically haven't had a loss for 3 weeks, since week 5. I have worked so hard but it feels like the last 3 weeks have been wasted.

My next weigh in is Thur 3/12. Today, I am feeling awful but am hoping I will be able to get back on track at the weekend if I feel better.

The thought of going back to day 1 of SS fills me with absolute terror and I think thats what it would be like, wouldn't it?

Is there anything I can do to minimise weight gain? Would it really be that bad if I did try to SS or even SS+ while I am ill? Is there anything any of you can say to put my mind at rest? Sorry for the long post :(

Claire x
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hi Claire - i have just been ill for a week with flu but I stuck to SS the whole time as I didn't want to go off course. Today is my first day of attempting to be up and about a bit.
I think it's your mind set that needs to get back into the right place to get back on SS. Try to think about your reasons for doing it in the first place and don't worry about what you have put on - when you are back on track it will disappear again.
My mum is doing CD too and she was upset cos she didn't lose anything this week but she may have lost in inches rather than weight.
You can do it, you can get back on track and get to where you want to be with your weight but try to look on it as a happy choice and not a hell you have to go through - look at each meal as something which is helping you get to your goal.
:) lol sorry I can't help but sing the praises of the diet - I hit the 4 stone loss mark yesterday. I still have 8 stones to go but nothing is going to get me to go back to my old ways again and I am so grateful to this diet for giving me a way to get to my goal.
Remember to drink plenty of water - have the CD veggie drink when you feel you need a little extra - or maybe talk to your CDC about having 4 packs a day instead of 3. It's good she is being so supportive of you.
:) come on give yourself a kick up the backside and get to where you want to be! Also consider that the down feeling you have now is due to being ill and when you are feeling better you will get your drive back!
i hope you get there!


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Hi Claire,

Very sorry to hear you have not been feeling very well.

I watched what I ate (mainly soup and a couple bowls of ice cream) but I had a gain of a further 8lbs!!!!
When you are CD SSing you have emptied your glycogen store...

After SSing, in order to prevent weight gain you must re-introduce carbs slowly by gradually going up the CD steps.

When you don't do this and go straight from SSing to eating things like ice cream which is mostly sugar you over load the glycogen stores.

Glycogen is stored in the body with water...for every pound of glycogen you have three pound of water. It shows up on the scales as weight gain ...

The main thing now is to get better.

If you begin to cut down on your carb intake for a few days before starting back SSing you will go into ketosis a lot quicker and without the carb withdrawals...and same goes for caffeine.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi FC Claire,

Mini said exactly what I was going to about the gylcogen, but the adding three pounds of water with every pound of glycogen was news to me. No wonder you showed a gain... however, the gain is temporary and once you are SSing again and in ketosis -- it should burn off quickly.


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