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Oh my! Meringue, quark & fruit, divine!!!


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Someone said on a post that in the evening they had a bowl of fruit salad with quark and sweetener and a meringue crumbled on top, they said they were addicted and I can see why. They are so naughty tasting. I put my sweetened quark on top of my nest and then stuck my fruit salad in the quark (it looked pretty good actually) and after my first mouthful, well, I cant believe someone healthy can taste so naughty, lol!
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I don't get on great with quark, but find the same desert made with 0% greek yogurt is just totally fantastic :D xxx


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I've been making this for a long time, but with sweetened fr frais rather than quark...I do use a lot of quark for desserts, but think it's a little thick for this. I generally just use summer berries aswell.....really nice on a warm....have to avoid the word hot, because we haven't seen one of those for a while...summers day!!


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Can I ask how many syns in a meringue nest?
I have this practically every night except I use a meringue (M&S ones are lovely!)(2.5 syns), fresh pineapple, strawbs & raspberries and Vanilla Mullerlight sprinkled with a little cinnamon. I like to warm mine up slightly in the microwave too.


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I think I'll have to try the fromage frais and I have some vanilla activia yogurts in so I'll try that tomorrow. I read that cinnamon can help increase your metabolisum (excuse spelling) so I'll definately be sprinkling that on my yogurt as well. Thanks for the tips :)
oooohhh yumm!! what a fab idea for my bday party bbq at the weeked!! yay!! xxx
Mmmm sounds yummy! :drool:

I have only started using Quark this week, so far I have made the syn free quiche along with using it mixed with other ingredients for a salad dressing! It's quite yummy :)


Is so very nearly there!
Iv just bought some and mixed a bit up with sweetner and Im impressed! So I have some strawberries and raspberries will have later! x


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Clare1981 - you gotta have a meringue as well it just goes with it perfectly!
I've tried this too and it's amazing!!!!! what would be even better though is if it would be possible to make meringues out of artificial sugar.... I don't suppose anyone else knows if this is possible???


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I can't take to quark, i have tried to make myself like it loads of times but i can't, everything i make with it turns out wrong:(. I love this with total fat free yoghurt, its really yummy xx


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what would be even better though is if it would be possible to make meringues out of artificial sugar
Ive been thinking about this myself, its only egg white and sweetener after all. I'm going to find out how you do it then I shall try it later and let you know how it turns out!


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Yikes I said I was going to make a sweetener meringue a couple of days ago. Time flies. Well I've found a recipe and I shall be attempting it in a bit!


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I made these yesterday using Somerfields own meringue nests (2.5 syns) and beat some quark and fromage frais together with some sweetner and topped them off with some fresh strawberries....they were very moorish. We've got them again today and tomorrow we've got them but with manderin segments instead of strawberries.


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Hello, ive heard of this Quark but havent seen it it my local co-op or sommerfields.Where can i get it? Tesco?? Asda??

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