Oh my :O


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Some of you may have read my post last night about me not being able to shift that last pound!!!!
Well after having a kind of flexi syns night last night with the intention of starting a speed food challenge this week, i weighed myself this morning and........i am now half a pound under target :O

I am so happy!! :D

I don't go to a SW class though so im wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what i should do now? Thanks :)
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Congratulations on reaching target :)

You can now start adding an extra heb per day to find your maintenance level. I only got to target this week so it's a bit scary eating more, but it's an important thing to learn.


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Many congratulations Confused girl, what a fab achievement :D

Good luck with maintenance, be interested to know how you get on as am really dreading it myself, if I ever get there lol :)


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:553:congratulations! open the champagne! :D

you could write to the magazine and get your piccie in there. or if you do it online, register your loss and see what happens, they may send you a certificate or something.

or you could go to a class and speak to the consultant, and maybe join as a target member.

well done! :talk017::party0019: :party0019:


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Thanks everyone :D

Ooh i love my hexbs so that sounds like a fab idea!! :drool:

I will try this and let you know how i get on :) I am a little scared though incase it goes wrong!! :eek:


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still do the speedfood challenge as there's a small chance those flexisyns could come back and bite you on the bum.... never know you may lose 2 or 3 pounds this week ;)

Thanks that a good point! I was quite looking forward to the challenge actually so yes i think i will :D