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Oh no, I gained weight !

Went for my weigh in last night and gained a pound !!! now I am on 790 and I have cheated but never eaten any carbs and certainly not eaten anywhere near what I would call normal, cheating has been things like one slice of ham etc, so how did I gain a pound ???, I probably have had no more than 900 calories per day so how come I am not losing. I am not good with the water, could this be the problem ??, I rarely drink over 4 pints a day, does water really make that much difference ?. I have also been excerising quite a bit, do 10K per night on my excercise bike and I feel great for it, my clothes seem to fit better, but I am gutted I put on weight !!:doh:
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Hi Cmacca
It could be the water hun but Im not sure. If you didnt go mental then maybe its just a temporary blip thing?? Im sure a CDC will be along soon to help?? Dont worry cos youve probably lost inches x
I know how you feel ... I did 790 religiously last week and lost NOTHING. I'm totally despondant and it's messing with my head because I'm now stressing over what seems to be an inability to lose weight by any means other than SSing.

This is the downside to a VLCD - it can create an all-consuming negative mental situation.
Thats my problem also Russian Doll, I mean if I put on a pound in weight by only eating approx 900 calories, what is going to happen when I get to goal and start to eat normally ?, in my mind at the moment a slice of ham a day has put a pound on me so what the hell is a breakfast, lunch and dinner going to put on me ???, I feel like I will never be able to eat normally again.


I will get to goal .....
Aww you guys. Not losing sucks like nothing else! And there is nothing worse than being angelic all week only to see no loss or a gain at WI.

There could be loads of reasons for not losing - please try not to be too negative - I know it's hard. I've done SS all week and put on about 2lbs I think. And it's just not fair :mad:.

790kcals per day is still very few calories - and the diet maths work. You will lose weight. Sometimes our bodies can take a little time to catch up with us - it could be a bit of water retention. CMACCA if I was you I would reduce the exercise - 10k per night on a bike is a lot and might be causing your weight loss to stall. If we don't take in very many calories and then try to expend calories when we don't really have them to spare it can cause your body to shut down and hold onto everything you put in so it has the stores in reserve for the next lot of exercise. Not sure I explained that all that well.

For the week ahead let's just grit our teeth, muster some determination, have a brilliant week sticking to it 100% and keep the exercise down. I'm sure that this time next week we'll see some good losses. We owe it to ourselves to keep on plodding along .... the weight will come off, it has to.
I know what you mean ... after having regained 4st in super-fast time and now struggling to lose it again, I now can't help thinking I've got myself onto a never-ending roller coaster of loss / gain - feast / famine with huge peaks and troughs. I feel completely out of control.


Gone fishing
Do not fear...I bring you great news :D

The ham could make you retain water (higher salt than chicken).

I didn't lose anything going up the plans, but then I didn't gain either as the calories went up. I did on a day to day basis though. I remember when the bread was introduced I gained 2lbs overnight:eek:, but I lost it again. A packet of crisps can have the same effect, but again, a packet a day for a few days and it'll go again (not that I do have a packet a day;))

When I got to the 1500cal plan, I stayed the same for 2 weeks. Then I came off Cambridge and did my own version of 1500 for another two weeks and lost weight.

There was nothing magical about what I did...just that my body adjusted to it all me thinks.

I can now lose on 1200 if I want, even though I didn't before.

Moral of the story: stick to 790 and it will start to come off again. Don't assume your body will never be able to lose on this amount again

Trust the plan...it does work
As KD says, you could just have unknowingly taken in more salt than you thought, causing the body to retain water.

Also, if you were SS and taking in more water, your body will have adjusted to that level of hydration (clever things bodies), and so will be expecting to get that. If you have suddely dropped your water intake your body will be thinking that the water supplies are running low, and so will be retaining more water from what you do take in to ensure that it has enough for its needs.

Sounds strange I know, drinking less can cause water retention, but it is true (so my Doc said). Apparently what you have to do is to drink more to stop it ..... how wierd is that????

Your body will slowly adjust to changing water intakes, but until then it will think there is something wromg so will behave accordingly - just like going straight from SS to normal eating makes the body store more fat .....

I think, and I may be wrong here, that a healthy intake of water per day is 2 litres anyway, which is 4.5 pints .... regardless of whether you are on a VLCD or not ....
I agree with alot of the comments above i think your body is retaining water.
you need to drink more, try a tick chart to see as you go how much you are drinking, perhaps work out a time table for example; I have my first drink of half a litre at 8am I don't like to drink after 8pm so I have 12 hours to drink. which works out that if you drink at least half a litre every other hour by 8pm you will have drunk 3.5 litres so thats not bad! I do tend to have more because I am constantly thinking about the next drink. I drink between 4 and 6 litres per day. so good luck and keep drinking;)
:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: = LIQUID TRANSPORT FOR YOUR FAT!
I:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: = LIQUID TRANSPORT FOR YOUR FAT!
That's a fantastic way of putting it!!!

I agree with the others....drink that water and you will soon see a huge difference!

Good luck! :D
Thanks I am drinking water really well today, only worry is I have to drive to Scotland on Friday (about 400 miles from me) wonder how long it will take before my DH gets fed up with the toilet stops !! LOL
Hey Claire ~ lots of good advice given already, so just adding my twopenneth. Certainly agree with the whole drink :tear_drop::tear_drop: to lose :tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop: philosophy and the exercising will have had a negative impact on the scales, but will help on the inch loss.

As for worrying about the future and what you will be able to eat (or not as the case may be) in order to maintain and not gain ~ then seriously fear not. There are plenty of folks on here who have maintained their losses for quite some time and continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us.

Hope the 400 mile journey goes well and you don't have to make too many pit stops :D


Serial Foodie!
heya! just wanted to add that when u were only drinking a couple of pints, you werent drinking enough for the basic plan..THEN..exercising on top of all that....you should be having even more water. im sure it will definately help to keep glugging. xxxxxxxxx
dont worry

claire, :grouphugg:hi hun dont worry it will come back off.. i have got my first weigh in tomorrow since restart last thursday...i have defo lost as my clothes feel looser but have not stuck to it 100% lol you know me....let u know how i get on tomorrow...:D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
If you're excercising try to go off inches rather than weight.

Muscle weighs heavier than fat, which is why some expert believe the BMI system is flawed.

A bodybuilder, because of his huge weight can have a BMI of over 30, with no fat at all on his body, because muscle is so much heavier.

Other than that it is only a pound, keep it up! you are doing fab!!!
Thanks for all your replies xx

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