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Oh no I messed up :( Can I rectify it????


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After a fab WI yesterday (6lb) for some unknown reason I had a moment of weakness/tiredness/complete lack of self control on the way home and bought a big bag of sweets :cry::mad::confused:

So, after the inevitable happened I feel like a right idiot!!! Can't believe I did it, I was so proud of myself, I know I didn't really even want them!!!

So, what can I do to rectify it?? Obv back on the straight and narrow but will anything else help speed up ketosis (it took me so long to get there too!) just about to hop on the wii sports active, don't know if I can work out myself back into ketosis but I can try!!!
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Just keep glugging the water and move on hun!
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You cant change what is done is done but just get straight back on the diet and you will go back into ketosis and you will be fine. We are all human and all have weak moments you just have to get past them without giving in. Good luck with the rest of your journey. xxx

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Yeap water, water and more water. Don't feel bad just focus on the great loss. Don't hop on your scales, put them away this week and stay focused. xxx


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It's strange the way we wobble just after weigh in! I don't think you can speed up the slide back into ketosis but drink lots of water!
Then you should think about whatever the trigger was that made you eat? Did you feel you deserved a treat maybe? x
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We are all human hun, put it behind ya and remember how it made ya feel afterwards so that will stop ya from doing it again!! Now get yourself back on the wagon and keep glugging the water, ya will be fine


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S: 11st5.5lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.3 Loss: -0st0.5lb(-0.31%)
Thanks everyone :)

I have no idea why really, cos I've been so good, but I didn't even eat them all I felt really full and sick (which I take as a very good sign!) trouble is sweets are my weakness, the only thing that's tempted me to stray at all!!

I've just burnt 170cal on the wii, going to have a shower, down a litre of water, and have a fresh start tomorrow :)

Oh and best update my ticker thing too! Remind me how well I'm doing!


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never mind

oh well you slipped up,never mind its not the end of the world!you can easily make it ok by being good for the rest of the week and still lose some weight.i always have my biggest treat the night after weigh in,it is the longest amount of time before the next weigh in lol so plenty of time to make it right:)and dont beat yourself up about it either because you havent ruined the diet and will do fine again this week:Dcongratulations on your loss this week by the way thats a fabulous loss
Hey Lunavix! Don't worry - we've all been there and come back from it - you're not superhuman so its bound to happen at some time. I fell off the wagon big style the other week and it only took me 2 days to get back into ketosis. Its not the falling off the wagon thats the problem, its the staying off so just wake up tomorrow and bring on a new day! xxx


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Hi Lunavix, just left a message for you on MN (I'm MHE!). x


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As others have already said, to minimise damage drink loads of water! Avoid the scales for a few days and get back on track. I would think any gain would be minimal. Blips are all part of this diet, and are completely normal, put it behind you and plough on with things!
Good luck!

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