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oh no I ve been bad

:cry:I feel just awful!!! The demon, food won a battle this morning so dont think I'd better eat again today :cry:
I bought some hoummus yesterday and had some on a seeded pitta, it was that good I woke up thinking about it and I ve eat 3 pitta's with the rest of the tub (3 quarters) of hoummus.
I'd had my breakfast of apple and banana and was going to have 1 pitta with my chichen salad when I'd finished lunch I couldnt help myself and eat another 2 pitta's with loads of hoummus on them!!! I feel guilty, angry :mad: and dissapointed with myself :cry:
I am even tempted to make myself sick (but I wont really do that!!) My tummy hurts now because I am that full so I will only have a shake for dinner now.
Do you think this will be ok? or have I totally gone and done it!!!!!
today I ve had - apple, banana, 3 x pitta's, chichen breast, plate of salad with dollop of WW creme frais and 3 quaters of a tub of hoummus!!!! :copon: what was I thinking, feel free to tell me off!!!! and please advice if I ve really ruined things!!! thanks everyone
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Well, it isn't great but hun it's not the end of the world either :)
Why don't you go for a run or something to burn off those carbs and make yourself feel better?
DO NOT even think about making yourself sick.
You probably haven't had as many cals as you think. Was it reduced fat hoummus?
it was 40 percent less fat, 130cal per quarter of a pack and I had 3 quarters so thats 390cal's, 3 pitta's is 450cal, 1 chichen breast (not sure what cal's are in that) and a fat free natural yoguart 150cal and a choc shake. so I ve had at least 1200 today and I am not sure how many I am allowed, tut, tut, I'll have to be good tomorrow!!!


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I don't think it's that bad, just get back on track and avoid hoummus for a while! I know I can't go anywhere near Doritos as it gets messy! It is so easy to do but it could have been a lot worse and we are all on here for support, so just put it behind you and concentrate on the fabulous slim future you are going to have. Is it your holiday soon? If it is have a wonderful time. x


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Oh hun I feel guilty as I mentioned the H word!!! I'm sure its not as bad as it seems...maybe have tomorrow as a 'day one' day and see how you get on. Good luck, keep posting and if I dont see you on here have a lovely time in Florida! xx


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1200 calories is still a low amount for a day, so I wouldnt worry too much about it, the worst thing is the 3 pittas, quite a few carbs, so just some exercise to burn those carbs and you will probably have no ill effects.

NOW KEEP OFF ALL THE CARBS, lol, thats your telling off.

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