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Oh no, not an American...

Happy 2011, everyone. I am very excited to have found an active support community as I start my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. However after I joined, I noticed that I was one of the few Americans among you! (Don't hold that against me...) Personally, I have no problem with being the "outsider", as I find it very exciting to meet friends from other parts of the world...

I look forward to getting to know you all better, and I hope we can all keep each other strong and motivated!

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Welcome :)

I've never once felt like I was being treated differently for living in America. I actually love it on here. Especially since their words are used much differently from ours, and everytime I read something, I read it in an accent and have to google a lot of things to understand what's being said lol
thanks for all your responses, everyone. I am already finding this site to be very helpful...

Four days into my diet and the water-weight is just falling off me, but I know it's only a matter of time before that stops. I have no problem eating healthy meals in the morning (I usually opt for either a bowl of cereal or toast with peanut butter) and I love my turkey on wheat for lunch... once I get home from work though, that's where the cravings start to kick in. If I don't have anything to keep my occupied, I start to "graze" around the kitchen, looking for snacks. I know I SHOULD just get on the treadmill and burn some calories, but the motivation just isn't there yet. Oh well, I know after a few more days I will be "over the hump" and I will start to feel better and more motivated... if I can quit smoking cold turkey, I can definitely do this.

Happy Wednesday, folks!
djwayland, I notice we both have lost about 9 or 10lbs out of 50lbs :) It's a good start already, of course you can do it! I find evening's the hardest, when it's dark outside and I have less motivation, and I like to graze on stuff (it's healthy stuff nowadays but too much of it!). My pedometer helps, because I like to reach a goal by the end of the day, so I spend more time pacing about the flat rather than eating! It's not for everyone, but it's helping a little for me :)
Thanks, folks...

I feel like I'm getting close to getting past the intense craving stage. Last night wasn't nearly as bad as the day before. I had an early dinner (spinach salad), and when I felt the cravings start to creep back later in the night, I decided to make myself some tea. I have never been much of a tea guy, but I found that it settled my stomach and was just what I needed.

The big challenge will be how I do during the weekend... which reminds me... does anyone have any suggestions on a low calorie "adult beverage" that I should try? I've always been a beer drinker, and now that the football playoffs are starting this weekend, I know I will want to have SOMETHING...
Hey! Good luck with it all. Hope 2011 is a great one for us all on minimins!! X
Im not sure about what low cal beverage to have since your a beer guy, I know that vodka, lime and diet soda water is my tipple but its not very manly !! Haha.

What about bud light?

Good luck with your journey. I'm the same as you in terms of when its the night times that hurt the most !! Constantly grazing.
I drink vodka diet coke if I want something alcoholic, it's about 52 calories per glass (around 50 for the unit of vodka and 2 for the diet coke). You'd need to check if british units are the same volume as american ones though. Most of the time I just drink squash (low calorie diluting juice) or peppermint tea though. Sometimes diet lemonade or diet coke.
thanks for the suggestions. I'm not against mixing up a vodka drink... I usually drink Bud Light anyway, but I'm thinking it's not a smart move to have too many beers while I try to lose weight.

I guess it's all about moderation.
Last time I went on a diet, I opted for vodka and Coke Zero (do they sell Coke zero outside the US?)

happy weekend, folks!
They do, but it can be a bit more difficult to find than diet coke. I found something in marks and spencers here in the UK that is champagne with hardly any calories but it's not really anyone's usual tipple and it was very expensive! Hope the journey's going ok for you :)
Tuesdays are BY FAR the worst weekdays. I can't find the motivation to even get ready for work... PLUS, we have a big snow storm heading our way tonight, so it looks like I'll be shoveling AGAIN... at least I get a good workout in with that.

Hope everyone is staying strong!
Tuesdays are BY FAR the worst weekdays. I can't find the motivation to even get ready for work... PLUS, we have a big snow storm heading our way tonight, so it looks like I'll be shoveling AGAIN... at least I get a good workout in with that.

Hope everyone is staying strong!
How did the snow storm pan out? Hope your Tuesday wasn't terrible! I was looking at your stats on the left hand-side, getting very confused as to why your starting goal date is 1st February 2011 and goal end date is 6th of January 2010 (in the past)...but I think I've worked it out....being American, the date and month are switched, so you started 2nd January 2011, and are finishing 1st June (2011 I presume)?

woops, I didn't notice the year was wrong! Yes, you are correct.

We received a foot of snow so far overnight, and the forecast is predicting another foot of snow to fall before it is all over... this has been a TERRIBLE winter!
We had a really bad winter (I'm hoping it's over)...it was like an ice rink. Made it harder to go to the shops to get healthy eating provisions, impossible to walk and get about. Hoping spring comes early (not that I'm happy about global warming...)

I do hope you don't have more bad weather (forecasts can and hopefully will be wrong).


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