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Oh no! On a course today (flippin' buffets!)

Just when I'm trying to get back into my routine too!

Oh well - am adopting the stubborn approach. Have got my homemade soup in a flask, lots of fruit, and some activia light. Just hope my work collegues aren't too embarrased by me, but if I break on a monday the rest of the week is at risk.

The hardest part of the day will be either (a) finding the place! (b) Staying awake.

Have a good monday everyone.

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Well done for taking your own lunch. Buffets are nasty, mean things only there to trap you!
Good luck xx
good for you! screw your work collegues.. i'd rather loose weight than gain it for the sake of them! lol

i had a work confrence last month and there was abuffet. there was one plate pf fruit, which tbh i think was more for display. well it was edible and i ate it ALL. left all the sandwhiches etc. i was starved but i ate massive tea and lost that week lol x
It was fine. I found that I was sitting next to another lady who'd brought her own lunch because she's dairy and wheat intolerant. Yay!

Easy peasy. Got my syns left to enjoy scan bran choccy cake now!


Fallen Angel

Starting again!!
'enjoy' and 'scan bran choccy cake' are NEVER used in the same sentance ;)

Well done you for resisting - my willpower was never good enough as we used to get the 'leftovers' from conference lunches :(
That 8lb Festive gain has somewhat focussed me!
(Hence the scan bran cake - trying to speed up my weight loss! Although this one did turn out okay to be honest).
Back to school tomorrow so hopefully can get back into a proper routine. If anyone brings in their 'unwanted' choccies etc they can either hide em or take em home, or I shall put them in the bin! So there! lol.



I want to be fitter again
If I am going to a conference or the like, I usually request a gluten free diet as you often end up with jacket potatoes or chicken salad x
Well done you. I normally find they're packed with big spongey white bread sarnies or deep fried unidentifiable thingys...and like you say, one plate of fruit. I also find if i did dig in it's impossible to stop!! The most recent one i was at I ate a load of fruit and went down the road to Boots for a syn friendly pasta salad.... Good on you for sticking at it!
They did have some big vats of tomato soup that looked and smelt nice (not as nice as my Leek and Potato though) but even that would have left me wondering as far as syns are concerned. Tinned soup can be quite high in syns and theres no way of knowing how it was prepared!
The rest of it was the usual sausage rolls, white bread dressing sarnies, and things in breadcrumbs. The plate of fruit was quality though.

Preparation is def the key to success for me on this plan though!

Well Done for Taking your own.. Im sure your colleagues wont be embarrased x
I suspect that they're used to me being a little 'strong-willed' about most things. Just not food up til recently.
At least I kept fairly quiet today and didn't get into any disputes with the trainers.

Half the reason I put on this weight is giving in at work.. not being strong enough! So hang in there, it will be worth it in the end x

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