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Oh no the weekend again!

Why is it that one seems to do well during the week, maybe due to keeping busy at work, then comes the weekend and it all goes t**s up (excuse the pun ladies)
Saturdays not to bad, work till dinner but sundays its all downhill.
Usually start off with a breakfast maybe bacon eggs & beans (EE) then theres the good old english sunday roast. Lashings on potatoes and veg and im sorry but i just cant escape our lasses yorkshires grrrrrrr.
And to make matters worse the missus goes off to the shop for her weekly ritual of maltezers, minsters, cream sponge cake and maybe a few other bits for later (yea its ok for her she doesnt diet grrrr)
And she alwasy makes the same mistake week in week out, offerings! and yes youve guessed i cant resist gulp.
There must be other snacks to take away the chocky and yorkshire pud cravings surely :copon:

any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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All the ladies at the class today were complaining about the bank holiday etc. I can't really say what it is, i'm not finding weekends hard apart from eating out really...

just control, maybe reminding yourself why you're doing this!


I'm the tortoise.
I'm the same. I'm fine until 2.30 on a Friday, then it's downhill from there, there's usually someone who invites us round, or comes here. Then comes the takeaway, the saturday morning hangover munchies, followed by more of the same and the sunday roast dinner issues, back on the wagon first thing monday. It's a habit and it's proving my worst to break. I'm considering 'losing' my mobile for friday to sunday lol


lol lets start a club! this may sound mad but frozen fruit for me is a god send! I generally sit with a whole bag of frozen grapes while my OH is eating to his hearts content.. i know its not the same but one weeked i used my syns to coat some fruit then freeze it so i could lick it off (ok thats sounds sooo rude lol) anyway.. just ideas..


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If you like the muller yoghurts you could stick some of them in the freezer for the weekend - the choc & vanilla one's taste like really good ice cream, then you could chop up a fudge/curly wurly or have a pack of buttons in the bowl with it so while she is munching away to her hearts content you will have something to eat too.

My OH isn't on a diet so he can also eat what he wants but he is learning (very slowly I might add) to stop offering me what he has.

You could also get some chupa chup lollipops, they are low syn & last a good while, also like someone else has said freeze some fruit then dip in some synned chocolate then you can eat that too.

Good luck & let us all know how this weekend goes
he can also eat what he wants but he is learning (very slowly I might add) to stop offering me what he has.
looks like a few of us have the same prob lol, why dont folks understand the words no thanks instead of oh go on then lol.

Im not keen on the yogurt tbh, soury taste yuk.

might try and make up a few of them ferroro's and use them as my syns along side mi chickpea cake and quiche lol.


soon to be skinny minnie
need somat with a choccy taste and ice cream thats not sour if anyone can help
How about some chocolate minimilks, they are very low in syns, can't remember off the top of my head but they are only 25cals so can't be too bad syn wise.

I know how you feel about the weekends, that is my downfall, evenings and weekends lol

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