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Oh pants.... what a stupid week!!!


Desperate to be slim!
Hi all

Well... I have done nothing at all good this week... I have eaten anything naughty at all that I could get my hands on, drunk about 2 bottles of wine, and hardly done any exercise.

Now WI day has arrived and I am really really dreading it. I have put on A LOT. I don't weigh at home so I have no idea how much, but I know it'll be loads. :cry:

I'm debating getting weighed and then coming home, but I know that won't get me back on track. :sigh:

Rubbish!!! :mad:
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Well the week is done and there's nothing you can do to change it! At least you know you have been a bit off plan and expect a gain, go to class but don't scoot off straight away - stay and get remotivated and have a cracking week next week!

Go for it Emz! xxx


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You will feel better if you stay to class! I've looked at your stickers and you've lost 2.5 stone... been slimmer of the week 3 times & got your club 10...so the thing is you know this diet works for you. Okay so you splurged a bit this week....big deal! we all fall off the wagon at some time or another, what will make the difference is how you deal with it. Stay to class, get the support from your group, come home then get your bum in gear. You know you can do it. xxx

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I agree Hun...face the scales and stay for the extra motivation. You know where you have gone wrong, just concentrate on getting it right now and limiting the damage.
You can get through this!!



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You would be best to face the class after WI, a 'pep' talk from your counsellor could help to set you up for next week's dieting.

Don't stress about your bad week, we have all done it at some time or another, and you can't get it back so just forget it now, and start again tomorrow with a good week and you will be on the way down again by WI next week.

Good luck at your WI. X


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At least now you can learn from your mistakes this week, and have a great week next week! And you never know, you may not have even gained that much :) I know its scary staying to class when you have had a gain, but it will make you feel much more positive!

You can do it!! Let us know how you get on
L xxxx


Desperate to be slim!
Thanks guys... I knew I could rely on you to be positive and put things in perspective. I have lost a lot, I am a lot fitter, and I do look a lot better. It's one week, rather than it being every week as it was before SW.

I will go and I will stay (even though I still don't want to!)

It's * week as well, so I will defo have a gain. :(

Will pop back on and let you know the damage later, usually home after 8.30 ish.

Thanks again guys... you're amazing!


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You never know - it may not be as bad as you think! At the very least you know where you slipped up and you're not letting it spiral out of control. Just compare how you eat now (even on a dodgy day) to how you ate before. I bet it's still heaps better.

Well done on your fab loss so far - don't forget how far you've come!!


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Come on Emma! It might not be as bad as you think! Well done for knowing what you should do! But then you didn't lose all that weight by not following the plan did you? It's a tiny blip! It may (or may not) have delayed you getting to target by a week, but whats a week in the rest of your life? Let us know how you go on, you know we're all here for you!

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