Oh poo:(((((


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I have just had a huge binge and I feel awful :break_diet:
I've done 3 weeks of SS and was doing great so I don't know why the heck I did it today :cry::cry:

Just wanted to get it off my chest as I am so ashamed of failing so miserably...

Right back on track from NOW!!!!!!
Hope I don't put it all back on this week now.....GRRRRRRR silly silly me....:cry:
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Put it right behind you straight away...we all have those binge moments and you can still get a loss this week. So STOP feeling bad, you're still losing weight, you're still succeeding, you CAN do this.

Look at your losses so far...17lbs in three weeks...WOW! You have done it for three weeks, you can do it again.

Get guzzling that water and get your head down on the prize.

Good luck Boo x x x

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I agree with DeliciousBoo (great name by the way:D) put it behind you and move on....you might want to try and figure out what happened to make you turn to food, but tomorrow is another day.


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Hiya Sammy! :wavey:
The others are all totally right- you have to put this behind you and moove on hun. Unfortunately we can not turn back time in life and do differently all the things we regret doing, so we just have to moove forward. :)
17lbs in 3 weeks totally rocks- well done you!! Focus on your achievments, and tommorow is a new day, and you can get back on track!! Yesterday was history and tommorow is a mystery and all that- onwards and upwards, or should i say downwards ;)! hehehe
PMA - Possitive Mental Attitude!! :D
Stick with it- you can do this, drink away at your water.... the more you drink the more you shrink:)
:party0011: Xxx Lizzie xxX :party0011:


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Aw Babe, don't feel bad. Its a tiny blip in a long and difficult road and you are doing so well. Put it behind you, learn from it and keep fighting. It doesnt mean the end of all your hard work, it means you went back to your old ways (habits that have taken a lifetime to create)for 1 day. Have you thought about why you did it and what was going on in your head at the time? If you write it down you may be able to see a pattern that you can use to avoid the same thing hapenning again. You can't reinvent yourself overnight, it takes time and perserverence. But YOU CAN do it. Keep going and keep your goal in mind, it IS achievable. x


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Thank you all so much. I wish I knew what made me do it yesterday but I honestly don't know. I had one bite of something and boom before you know it I went mad....
Anyway I'm already back in Ketosis today....woooohooo. I also did half hour on the tredmill last night to try to make me feel better...LOL

Thanks all again I'd be lost without this site x


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If I was lucky Anje..hehe


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Just wanted to say really well done for getting back on it straight away, only a small blip amongst a very successful couple of weeks x

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and here i was thinking it was a thread about constipation ;)