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Oh sugar, have I mucked it up??????

Hey hun... totally echo what sarah has just said... forget it move on!!!!

Try get back into that feeling you had at your weigh in on sunday... only another couple of days till the next one!!!

Keep on here for support chick and you will get through it



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Hey spooky, don't worry (easier said than done I know!)

You've done so well to get to day 11, just think in a few weeks (and a lot of weight lost!) you won't even remember this little blip:)

You've done so well to get this far, I'm at about the same stage- day 12 for me, maybe we can be diet buddies?:eek:

By the way I think we've 'met' before........I'm luckymumto4 on the mumsnet cambridge thread;)


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Pretty well thanks spooky, I have to admit I striggled mid-week but I think it was the bars I was having so I think I'll give those a miss for a couple of weeks.

I've got weigh in tomorrow, I don't feel like I've lost a lot but I am unfortunately a slow loser anyway, I'll be happy if I've lost 2.

How long are you hoping to do cambridge for? I think I'll need to be doing it for about 6 months, just hope I can stick to it:p
Well, I will be on as long as I need, I want to lose a minimum of 3 stones...
I think I am retaining water this week, I popped on the scales today, and the needle had hardly moved from sunday, but af is due next week, so.. with a bit of luck the next one will be fab :D


Cambridge Counsellor
Nah, don't worry about that, just don't do it again.

And don't worry about the scales not moving. I've just had 8 days of no weight loss and then 2lbs over night.

I can't remember the last time I did the diet without eating something I shouldn't. Yet I've still lost 6st 8.4lbs. If you want the weight to go in the quickest possible time, don't eat anything else you shouldn't. That's all. You'll be fine.


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Hey spooky

Just wanted to see how you're doing today? hope you're felling better about your tiny little slip up, are you back in the zone lol!;)

When's your wi? is it sunday? best of luck for whenever it is, we can do this:D


Is determined and focused
That's brilliant:D

Well done for getting back on track, bet you have a fab weight loss this week


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