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Oh the irony

So dinner time....i made Sonny and my god-daughter a roast chicken dinner. Sonny wasnt eating it so i say to him "cmon sonny eat your dinner before it gets cold" and get told (hes 2 btw) "no" so i say "cmon sonny before the birdies come in and eat it (whatever works eh)....and get told "shup up mum" follwed by "mummy eat it" cheeky little git lol

oh my, if only he knew lol. My 2 year old tauntin me with food, not good lol

In the end he devoured it thankfully lol. Now to find out who taught him to say shut up lol
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Are We There Yet?
I make sure my son (who is 2 tomorrow) eats all his food. If not what is left gets quickly thrown in the bin, Svaes me being tempted. He does try to feed me though lol


Grumpy Old Git
Roast Dinner............Ummmmm!!!

C'mon you Pinkies...you know you want to!!!:eek:
Hmmm roast dinner.

1 average chicken breast roasted with herbs & garlic, 75g each cauli & broccoli, 40g shredded cabbage, half a 9" parsnip, 2 tablespoons chicken bisto.

Approx 270 cals, 26g carbs (but much less "net carbs" cos of the fibre in the veg as ex-Atkins dieters will understand) - all except the parsnip perfectly acceptable on AAM week or refeed and I reckon you'd get away with it no bother.

Got me thinking about my tea now lol! ;)


Grumpy Old Git
Both chicken legs with crispy skin on, Stuffing, Crunchy Roast Potatoes cooked in lard, Honey Roasted Parsnips and Roasted Carrotts, Mashed Swede with double cream and lots of crushed black pepper, plus home made gravy from the cooking juices......Hmmmmm!!

No wonder I am 10 stone over-weight...:eek:
LOL that's what this is all about though isn't it Mike?

No matter which team you are on at the end of the day you're going to have to learn to curb those excesses and be able to enjoy food at a different level.

Trust me, my herb-roasted skinless chicken breast will taste just as good as your legs and the rest of your meal (as long as you have a small piece of stuffing and just one or two potatoes) would be OK on an atkins-based maintenance plan! :)

It's all about education. I love food, but that means I have to learn all about it and also at the same time find my own "off" button. I'm doing OK with the learning, been doing that whilst not actually having to face the reality of eating (mmm, food porn! :D) I think someone has hidden that bloody switch though lol! :eek:


Grumpy Old Git
Food Porn.....very good description!!:D
For me it means I wait til the OH is out then the telly goes on and I watch *deep breath*....

....come dine with me, masterchef, market kitchen, hairy bikers, ace of cakes, 2 fat ladies, jamie, rick stein, gary rhodes, delia, hells kitchen, that thing with marco, celeb masterchef, australian masterchef, anything with gino de campo on it, in fact anything on the Food Channel! :eek:

It's a bad habit I know but for some reason it doesn't make me hungry and from my extensive reading it seems an increased obsession with food is an extremely common side-effect on a VLCD.

I like to think that it's all part of the learning curve to help me deal with food in due course. I've certainly picked up some good recipe ideas! :D


reaching my goal
Mike 50 your a very naughty boy trying to tempt me to eat , I love food porn !;)


Grumpy Old Git
i can see this mike is bloody trouble lol
food porn, what on earth next:p
You wait until I become a Sex God....!!

Oh bugger, just remembered 'er indoors said I couldn't.....:cry:

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