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Ohhh I feel like cr*p!


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Hey all, as you may know I have been v. successful on LT so far. However at the weekend my OH and I went to a lovely cottage in Dorset.I wasn't tempted at all, he had cake, biscuits,crisps, nice bread - all the yummy things . On the final day we went to the beach and there was a little fresh fish monger there so I said to him, ' you know what I'm going to buy some white fish to have while you are having your steak'. So that's what I did. A wing of skate cooked in foil with the tiniest bit of olive oil (to stop it sticking) and basil. And some lettuce. To be honest it didn't taste of much and I didn't really enjoy it at the time and was full very quickly! Next day (yesterday) however I woke up with my first headache since the first days of ketosis! Obviously I have been back fully on LT since but man do I feel awful -like I'm going through ketosis again!!! I sooo wish i hadnt eaten that fish (I thought I'd be okay it was only protein after all!) Now I'm absolutely dreading re-feeding when i get there! Has anyone else been here and worn the t-shirt so to speak?! x
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I had to eat due to being snowed in on week 3 and my Pharmacist advised to eat chicken or fish, with salad or green veg, as it wont take you out of ketosis, and it didnt and I had a good loss the following week. Could possibly just be coincidence hun. Maybe the sea air got to you lol.


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lets hope so...I did hit my head on hubbys car door very hard...!!!! :D had me sunnies on wasn't concentrating and just opened it thwack!!! right into my forehead, OUCH!!! no but I've got the funny taste, lethargy etc...!thanks for your support anyway! x
No wonder you got a headache lol. I would think you are still in ketosis and didnt even come out of it, no worries, thats whats great about this site, the support. Good luck for your next WI.


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I know it's great on here...don't worry I'll keep you posted! x


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Hope your feeling better soon! I doubt you are out of keytosis. It is probably your body punishing you for cheating!!! LOL!

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