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ohhh the plateau!!!!

Hi all

I have been doing slimming world for a year and a half. My starting weight was 13st 7 pounds and I've managed to get down to 11st10 and have stayed around this weight for nearly two months!!!! :mad:

My weight loss thus far has been slow normally half a pound a week which can really get you down when there are some people who manage to get all there weight off in 3 months!!

I have always cooked from scratch so when i joined the diet it wasn't such a drastic change to what I would normally eat just alot less wine :cry:

I am determined not to let this defeat me especially with my goal in sight.

I currently follow the green plan (OH is a veggie) and thought i would post a diary to see if there are any tips you guys could give me.

The one think I have decided to do this week is switch to red the (OH can sort himself out) as I think my body has got used to all the lovely carbs. Going to have one more green day and switch tomorrow.


Breakfast: two slices wholemeal toast (400g loaf)1hexb 2tsp butter (2 syns) Mar-mite and pineapple

Lunch: Spaghetti with olive oil (1hexb) chilli flakes, garlic and Parmesan cheese (hexa) mixed berries and yogurt

Dinner: Thai yellow curry 3syns contains baby sweetcorn, aubergine, courgettes, peppers with rice. Kit Kat 5.5 syns

milk for tea and coffee(1hexa)

As you see i am a planner so i know what I will be consuming each day. If i wasn't organised i wouldn't stay on plan!!!!!

Looking forward to all your thoughts and comments

Sinead :love047:
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Your plan looks great to be honest. Butter is 2 syns per level teaspoon though, unless you're using low fat marg etc...
Thanks missus i do use low fat marg anything to save syns for lovely treats :)

So today I have started doing Red days

Red day

Breakfast: 3 Morrisons Eat Smart 60% sausages (1.5syns) two slices bacon 2 eggs 2 slices wholemeal toast (1hexb) low sugar ketchup 2 tablespoons (1syn)

Lunch: 1 x Homemade beef burger with bacon and cheese (1hexa) wholemeal roll (1hexb) and salad. 1tbsp ketchup (0.5syns) Strawberry and yog

Dinner: Pork chop mashed carrot and swede, sprouts and gravy 3tsp gravy granules 3 syns

Kit Kat 5.5 syns

Total syns 11.5
Exercise: 30 mins Jillian Micheals 30 minute shred

might play some tennis if we have time:eek:
The best laid plans always fall by the wayside!!!! Had my burger much later in the day as the weather here was fab. So dinner has now turned into an omelette with ham cheese mushrooms peppers and a lovely side salad with some hellmans fat free dressing 0.5 syns. Also the kit kat was also substituted for 2 blueberry vodkas and diet lemonade 8 syns. I'm counting them as large as I was very generous with the vodka!!!!
First day at work doing red and I have to say i did feel a bit hungry so went to the vending machine and got a packet of squares. Have not gone over my syns but they have been over 10 each day so i will try and be a bit better tomorrow.


2 slices wholemeal toast (1haexb) with 2tsp low fat marg small banana on one marmite on the other.

Snacks 1 choc nestle dairy box (2.5 syns) 1x banana 1x apple 1x clementine. 1 x packet of squares 25% extra bag 7.5 syns

Lunch 1 x wholemeal roll (1hexb) ham & salad with basil phillie (1hexa) side salad

Dinner: 2 pork chops with roasted veg. strawberrys and yog for pudding

Total syns 12


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Hi Sinead!

Anyone who is a lover of vino is a friend of mine ;)

I've only been doing the plan for 12 weeks and I'm happy to say I've lost over a stone :)

I was similar to you in that food-wise nothing much needed to change ... just my old work lunch of cheese or ham roll with a cup-a-soup & packet of crisps had to go but I've managed that fine.

Over the weeks I have slowly got used to drinking less vino collapso and I have to say I feel better for it. My tum has deffo gone down and I'm sleeping better. :)

I think what you are doing (changing to Red) is a good thing. If you wanted to you could always throw in a couple of EE days too ... I've never eaten so much fruit!

Good luck x
Hi Ali

Losing the wine has been one of the hardest sacrifices I've had to make especially now when the weather is so lovely and the only thing that will really hit the spot is that lovely cold glass of wine......as you can see an addict through and through :eek:

Your right though I definately was sporting a fine vino belly cultivated over many hazy years :) and cutting down really reduced it so there is silver lining to this sad tale of loss.

Well done on your loss to keep it up and we will bear the sacrifice together :devilangel:
Had a good day on plan today hooray but i'm having to make two different meals for me and my OH as he works late which has meant I have done zero exercise!!!


Breakfast: 2x 60% less fat morrison sausages (1syn) low salt & sugar ketchuo (0.5syns) 2 x slices of bread (1.hexb)

Snacks: Banana, Apple clementine & 2 babybell lights (1hexa)

Lunch: 1 x wholemeal (1hexb) roll with ham and salad with philli basil)

Dinner: Beef stew no potatoes 1syn

Pudding Kitkat 5.5syns

total syns 8


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Been a while but here I go again

Green Day

Breakfast 28g Kellogg's Optivita Berry Oat Crisp 1 hex b with chopped strawberrys and milk from allowance 1hex a

Lunch 2 Ryvita (hexb) with 28g low low cracked pepper cream cheese (4syns) with cucumber and tom. 1 x apple 1 x muller cherry yog

Snacks Banana 1 x digestive 3.5 syns

Dinner. Moussaka

Qourn mince, potatoes, tin toms, onion courgettes instead of aburegine (can never get them to cook nicely!!!) 3 eggs natural yog and cheese (hexA) served with a side salad
I'm no expery as only been doing SW for about 7 or eight weeks but the week I seemed to be gettin nowhere I had green and EE days and found the speedy soup and keeping my syns at 10 and under really seemed to work. Stick with it and i'm sure you'll start dropping the pounds again soon!! Good luck!!!

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