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Oi, Ladies (and Gents)!!!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by suepat10, 21 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

    Bearing in mind I'm not back on plan until Tuesday and have been absent for months, it's a little bit naughty of me to come on here and chivvy folks along BUT there are a lot of people posting who are feeling low either at their weight loss journey in total or with a bad week (or couple of weeks).


    Number 1 - The fact you are visiting the forum and talking to people shows you are serious in doing this.

    Number 2 - The chances are unless you started recently you weigh less than when you started. Be it 1lb, 1 stone, 5 stone - it's a step in the right direction. You may have had gains and STSs BUT overall your weight has gone down.

    Number 3 - We are animals. Our bodies naturally want to store fat for the winter. It may make it harder for many of us at this time of year but that means you should be doubly satisfied with any gain or STS. (For those of you who don't find it harder this time of year, you lucky devils :p ).

    Number 4 - This weather does make you feel down and things that wouldn't make you feel low normally drag you right down. Try and remember these feelings are because of the weather and do the British thing - let off steam by moaning about it as it is the weather that deserves all the grumbles.

    Number 5 - Looking at the statistics when people post, there are a lot of fantastic achievements going on in this group PLUS there are a lot of people who say they feel unattractive when their profile picture shows that they ARE.

    Number 6 - Try not to compare your results with other people. Everybodys body is different PLUS there are people, like yours truely, who have loads of weight to lose so will often have bigger losses but if you look at the weight loss as a proportion of total weight to lose you are WAY ahead of me!

    Number 7 - 'Life' happens. Everybody has days, weeks, even months when 'life' is just not going right and at those times concentrating on an eating plan is not a priority. That is totally natural. The last thing you need is you beating yourself up over every slip up. Learn to forgive yourself for things that can't be helped.

    Everybody in this group should be very very proud of themselves for their achievements

    (Apologies if I sound like an old nag and apologies for any cock eyed logic or poetic licence with psychology or biology :p )
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  3. eternity

    eternity Gold Member

    Thank you for such a thoughtful post xx
  4. Speranza

    Speranza Full Member

    Very positive post, thank you .... great post to read at the start of the day :)
  5. Daisyboo

    Daisyboo Full Member

    A great post - just what I needed this morning. Thank you so much x
  6. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Fantastic Post Sue:thankyou:

    Love Mini xxx
  7. Donnie46

    Donnie46 Slow but sure....

    Good post, thank you.
  8. Roz V

    Roz V Full Member

    Well said Sue - we must all remember this whenever we have a "bad" day!
  9. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Good one :clap:
  10. malaika

    malaika Lover of Extra Easy

    Thank you for a very well written post!
  11. suepat10

    suepat10 I am one of the 63336

    I just KNOW this post will jump up and bite me on the bum in a few weeks time when I'm complaining about no losing weight etc etc :-D :-D :-D
  12. gobolino

    gobolino Gold Member

    Great post thanks ! I dont weigh less than when I started but I'm a only a few weeks into the journey and have just had * week. BUT, I do feel happier about my relationship with food which is better than any numbers on scales for now :) xxx
  13. kim SBH

    kim SBH Member

    Hi am new to the forum and one on my new friends came across this so we are now on board I've been going to SW for just over two years and have lost 4st 7 pounds to date and Jo has lost her first 1/2 St I have a long way to go and not in it for a quick fix so to read such post as your is so encouraging.
  14. Jim Jam

    Jim Jam Full Member

    What a good post! Thanks Sue! I'll no doubt be returning to this when I feel a bad moment coming on! x
  15. sparkylarky

    sparkylarky Full Member

    Thank you you are soooo right x
  16. Mrs V

    Mrs V Loves Life!

    A very good post Hun!!! I agree with every word!

  17. charlottegrace1

    charlottegrace1 Gold Member

    Great post, and if it does come back and bite, we'll just redirect you back to this lol. thanks again for the post. Carolyne
  18. ohtobeslinky

    ohtobeslinky Silver Member

    Thank you so much. This has just stopped me from going to Gregg's! x
  19. cocktailprincess

    cocktailprincess Still rockin' it

    Nice one, Sue. We will forgive you when you have an off week (and direct you back here to get some sound advice!!!)
  20. Sticky

    Sticky I will succeed!!!

    Lovely post xxx

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