oil and mayo questions


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Hello Everyone

I am planning to start atkins again possibly monday ( not dedicated to that yet as I have exams at work sun mon tues and have a feeling i will want alcohol to celebrate at the end )

Its the only eating plan that I have ever managed to stick to for any length of time and actually kept the weight off with afterwards

have done just about all the lcds going and lost weight with them but never ever kept it off after

did ww points and made such unhealthy choices i am amazed i am not dead ( would rather survive on a packet of refreshers or twioglets than a healthy meal hahaha)



couple of questions that i cant remember the answers to ( am using the new diet revolution book)

a) which readily available mayonnaise can i use? i went to buy hellmans today but its got sugar in it - is it acceptable?

b) do any of you use a hemp seed oil thats vailable at tescos - its called 'good oil' and i love it as not only does it taste good but it controls eczema for me. i cant find info on whether its ok on atkins or not - it contains no carbs

i am sure i will come up with more sooner rather than later

thanks in advance
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check the label i buy asdas own full fat check the carbs, i use ghee and olive oil extra virgin


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Hig and welcome,

The Tesco full fat is quite low carb

and as for the Oil, I use OO, but if the hemp oil has no carbs then it's fine. :)


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I use the hemp oil. It's absolutely fine for Atkins (0g carbs)

Hellman's mayonnaise is 1.5g carbs per 100g I think. I use it but make sure I count the carbs.