Oil of Evening Primrose Oil


Loves VLCD's !
I used to take Oil of Evening Primrose tablets every day before I started LL and it really helped with mid cycle probs and PMT. I didn't realise how much it helped ! Now I have all my symptoms back.:(

Checked with my LLc and she said it was up to me as it may bring me out of ketosis. I am tempted to try but thought I'd ask around for other's experience before I assess the risk of giving it a go. :)

Hi Melissa,

I suffer with bad PMT and still take my oil of evening primrose and haven't affected my ketosis... I get really bad to the extent i am on anti depressents only one a day for 7 days leading up to my period and i have to say everyone at home has noticed the difference!! I am so much calmer and in control of my moods whils taking them. Then as soon as TOTM arrive i stop taking them...

Have a look at this The National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome
Thanks Coley ! Glad we hadn't lost you in text books altogether, were would we be without you ? :)

Thanks Rachel, poor you, that sounds like a horrible rough time to have every month. Glad you have found a coping strategy. Will check out that link !

Think I will go back on it, if I am still in ketosis next Wednesday I will just carry on daily.
hrm...back to fecken textbooks again...I have another presentation to do!!! waaaaaah!!!

que mental instability, loony posts and comsumption of 24 bits of galaxy as per previous presentation. (that was 8 snack size galaxy in 1 sitting....dearie me, how gross)

maybe not the galaxy bit this time...:rolleyes:
Galaxy, what's that :confused: , there seems to be some vague memory in my mind about that word :rolleyes:

Good luck with the presentation !
Well I am back on oil of evening primrose and it didn't bring me out of ketosis and I lost 2kg so I think it will be ok !