Oil of Evening Primrose Oil


Loves VLCD's !
I used to take Oil of Evening Primrose tablets every day before I started LL and it really helped with mid cycle probs and PMT. I didn't realise how much it helped ! Now I have all my symptoms back.:(

Checked with my LLc and she said it was up to me as it may bring me out of ketosis. I am tempted to try but thought I'd ask around for other's experience before I assess the risk of giving it a go. :)

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One Last Time.......
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Hi Melissa,

I suffer with bad PMT and still take my oil of evening primrose and haven't affected my ketosis... I get really bad to the extent i am on anti depressents only one a day for 7 days leading up to my period and i have to say everyone at home has noticed the difference!! I am so much calmer and in control of my moods whils taking them. Then as soon as TOTM arrive i stop taking them...

Have a look at this The National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome


Loves VLCD's !
Thanks Coley ! Glad we hadn't lost you in text books altogether, were would we be without you ? :)

Thanks Rachel, poor you, that sounds like a horrible rough time to have every month. Glad you have found a coping strategy. Will check out that link !

Think I will go back on it, if I am still in ketosis next Wednesday I will just carry on daily.


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hrm...back to fecken textbooks again...I have another presentation to do!!! waaaaaah!!!

que mental instability, loony posts and comsumption of 24 bits of galaxy as per previous presentation. (that was 8 snack size galaxy in 1 sitting....dearie me, how gross)

maybe not the galaxy bit this time...:rolleyes: