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ok 1st question!


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make that 2 questions!

When it refers to half a cup is that like a tea cup or mug or is it a weight i dont know about i know years ago my mum had a cookbook that weighed stuff in cups and it turned out to be a measurement.


a "cup" is 250ml in our measurements.

Try your local £1 shop, they had sets of all cups and measuring spoons in funky neon colours last week. Or if stuck, use a measuring jug in the interim.

You can find "weight" carb coverters and I know that the newest version of Atkins for the UK had the grams in the allowable salad lists. I think the allowable salads was like 230- 340g a day of certain veggies.
The US cup measure I bought back from Canada is larger than ours, mine equated more to a coffee mug over here. Squash is OK but not on induction I don't think. I'd have to go and check that one though. I think it's not allowed until OWL.
I went and checked it, BNS is one of the higher carb squashes, here is everything you wanted to know about squashes.


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butternut squash is really high in carbs for a veg xx


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OMG!!!! I am so so glad i asked thanks for all the info, i m sure i'll have loads more questions
Yes Debs, you should be getting the majority of your carbs from green salad leaves during induction.
yep i have bought the salad in preperation. all organised was gonna start on monday but i'm working nightshift sunday night so wnt eat much on Monday as i will be in bed so will officially start on Tuesday i will weigh myself then and will wi n friday with everyone else

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