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OK, I Mean it this time TOO!


Life is golden
Hello everyone,

I've been lurking around for a couple days now, (filling the void from the non-eating SS 100% :rolleyes:) and I want to join your group coz I really mean it this time, and more importantly, I got my motivation right here with me.
So first week on CD, and I'm actually OK though I think about food ALL the time! :eek:
I need all the encouragement I can get from people who understand my plight, my internal fights and justifications for reaching out to food, my umpteenth time falling off that wagon, and getting back up again.


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Hello and welcome!

I'm quite new myself and find this forum really friendly.

I've fell off the wagon a good few times in my life, but no more, enough is enough.

This christmas I hope to be a cracker rather than a pudding!

Good luck, look forward to chatting more with you.

(p.s. your goal date is my birthday!)


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Hello and good for you! I am also on CD and I think about food ALL THE TIME. However I have to chase away the food demons by thinking about my ultimate goal (to have a baby). You can eat what you like but you CHOOSE not to eat it NOW.


Life is golden
Thanx Guru, I will keep the advice in mind, I actually did good last time, then had a baby - and boy was that my excuse!!! :rolleyes: I ate like there was no tomorrow (because I was carrying, then because I was breastfeeding...) well no I mean to be lean for Xmas and NOTHING will stop me now! :D Off to drink my water...


One Day at a Time
Hello EnglightenMe2!

I'm new (AGAIN!) also. We seem to have about the same to lose perhaps we can keep each other motivated. I'm lucky I'm not really thinking about food too much. The problem is I end up realy isolated on this diet. I take myself out of all situations that involve food (invariably that means social life out the window) and end up being a bit lonely. Minimins is my lifesaver!
Hello & welcome

I'm just like you and just like so many others...... time to get this sorted, pull the finger out and live in the body we're going to be happy with.

I have so many emotional issues, but I'm busy digging a grave for them all - ceremony next monday - my 1st weigh in day!

I'm new here too and everyone seems really kind and loaded with good advice. My reasons to fail are not going to survive this forum!

Good luck xxx
welcome on board the train to slimsville x


Life is golden
lollipop I'd love love love to have a diet buddy, esp someone in my weight range AND who is tall (no offense gals! :p)
Mealiepuddin' & rainbow - thx for the welcome. I know this diet isolates, and I'm making excuses right and left as to why "i'm not eating right now... don't feel so well... stomach unease" - but I know it's for my own good, so i'm stickin' to my guns this time. no "well-intended" advice from sabotagers will stick to me anymore! :massmoon:


technologically ignorant
Hi enlightenme2. I've been doing LL for 15 weeks and at first I thought about food a lot as well. The real thing for me was that I really noticed how much food used to accompany all my activities. I'd be on the computer and I'd think "normally I'd have something to nibble next to me when I do this".

I can honestly say that over the last three months it has got much easier and although I do still think about food I do it in a more dispationate way and it doesn't make me worried that I'll break the diet.

Good luck with your diet.


One Day at a Time
Evening, been away for a couple of days but feel like I've had a really good week. Only one blip (which was contained!). My CDC is away for a week though, so no weigh-in and I've been training myself not to use my own scales. So no idea how much I've lost? How has it been for you enlightenme2?
Hey Lollypop, lost 13lbs. yup, major glycogen storage and i didn't even have a gorgefest before!

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