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OK. I quit (tommorrow)

Hello again all

After 2 weeks on LT, I am throwing in the towel. I have lost 19lbs in 2 weeks and frankly i think its too much too soon. I have felt like crap for two weeks and its not got any better, I cannot deal with the dizzy spells, palpatations feeling weak as a kitten etc

Crunch came today when i forced myself to go back to the gym (i havent had the energy since being on LT). I did 20 mins gentle cylcling 5 mins gentle cross trainer and then went on the walking machine (should that be running!) 5 mins into walking, i felt light headed (more so than usual). i slowed it down and just managed to get off before i thought i was going to black out. The gym manager came in and saw what was happening made me put my head between my legs and breathe deeply. He asked what was the matter and i explained about LT, and of course he dissed it saying that someone of my frame could not exsist of the paltry amount of calories that it gives. He was really helpful and gave me loads of info on successful fat loss diets, that involve eating reall food. When he diets for compettions he aims to lose 2-3lb per week, not 10-12 like me.

So, any tips on coming off this thing and not putting 5st back on in a week?

Thanks for all your help thus far and good luck to you all

PS, my wife feels fine on LT and staying on it:wave_cry:
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Sorry it has not worked out for you. i did tfr for three weeks and i felt fine i went on refeed cos my skin is prone to stretch marks and i wanted to slow things down. Have been eating really healthy and lost 1.5lbs this week. Have put up on the refeed section everything i have eaten so hope this helps.


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oh thats a shame but you need to do whats right for you, i know you should do a refeed week to slowly re introduce food hopefully someone with a bit more knowledge will be along soon, good luck with whatever you decide to do x


I will do this!!!
Well im glad you gave it a shot and i bet you feel good in yourself for trying it. I dont know alot about coming off LT so ill leave that for someone else to answer. i really hope the healthy eating works for you :) :) :)


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Hi Johnnyboy,

It is not recommended to over do the gym on a food replacement diet and especially in the first few weeks it is advised to take things easy until your body gets time to adjust to the diet.

The 19lbs you have lost is mostly glycogen which is stored with four pounds of water to one pound of glycogen.

The first few weeks you have the biggest weight loss and after that it slows down to between one to one stone and one and half stone a month for a man this could be more or less as everyone is unique.

You still need to do the refeed or otherwise you will over fill the glycogen store.

See this post which explains it in more detail and how to do refeed.


I hope that helps.

Good luck with your new healthy eating plan and exercise and be sure to let us know how you are doing on it.

Love Mini xxx


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so sorry lt has not worked for and sorry you have felt so rough but i wish you all the luck in the future on your weight lose, sorry i can not help you with the refeed as i am only on day 4 myself!

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I'm sorry you feel the need to come off Lipotrim. Good luck with whatever plan you decide to follow and good luck to the missus with her continued LT journey


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Sorry it didn't work for you, I guess everyone has to find their own solution! otherwise it'd be easy! good luck for the future and whatever you decide to follow. You're still a lot lighter than when you started and for that, congratulations! x
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Hang in there bud, serously, it gets MUCH easier in week 3 - honestly!!

I didnt do the gym for the first 10 days of LT, and was amazed at how little energy I had and how I struggled. I have been going 3-4 times a week since, went this morning, and I have to say I am finding it much easier than ever now. Being near on 2 stones lighter helps, but in week 3 my body got used to the energy burn levels.

I will probably get told off for saying this, but in the evenings I have struggled I have had a couple of slices of ham to munch on (0g carb) and that hasnt affected the ketosis or weight loss. Do what you can to stay with it mate, you have a weight-loss end goal, and LT will get you there.

Whats a few weeks of hardship compared to a lifetime of healthy living and feeling good about yourself!!??

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I will probably get told off for saying this, but in the evenings I have struggled I have had a couple of slices of ham to munch on

Correctamundo... :whoopass: Picking at proteins does affect weight loss, just not as much as something like carbs. Just ask msblonde... Also, your body is likely to convert the protein to carbohydrates anyway...

And here's one for luck coz we know you boys love it ;) :whip: :whip: :whoopass:


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You are going to feel weak and light headed going to the gym. Its not so much the fact you are on TFR, its being in ketosis that is the problem. You do not have any stored sugar for energy hence the reason you have none. When on Atkins I fainted at the gym. I visited my GP who said that physically I was fine, but without the sugar stores the body has nothing to call on...there were no reserves. My gym manager also dissed Lt when I went about three months ago, but I tend to trust my doctor more. He now admits that it has worked and I am in far better health then before I did the diet. Your body can survive on LT, it has been designed to provide EVERYTHING the body needs....I'm afraid your Gym Manager was wrong there mate.

You mention the high losses you had...that is mainly water and if you notice with most people, the longer you are on the diet it balances out to about 2-3lbs a week....you were losing your glycogen stores.

You have to do what is right for you, but please don't be fooled into thinking LT is an unhealthy diet. You really have to understand how it works. For me LT has been the answer to all my dieting prayers...without it I know I wouldn't have succeeded.

I hope you find a diet that suits you. Good luck mate.
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i am no expert but why dont you do the maintainance program two shakes during the day and a healthy meal at night?

Also, my pharmacist advised no exercise for the first few weeks. Program is designed for obiest people going into surgury, exercise doesnt come into it, why dont you leave the gym for a month and try this?
Thanks for all the kind words guys - I think that seeing as i have a weeks supplyof shakes, i will do a refeed/maintenance for the next 7 days, I thinks its shake for brekkie and lunch then nice healthy meal for tea


or no?


PS, i just had a very small chicken salad, so i guess thats made the desicion easier?!
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Jonny, sorry to hear LT wasn't for you. It is natural to lose a lot in the first couple of weeks but the losses do slow down as the first week you aren't burning fat.

Good luck with the refeed and your new plan.


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