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Ok, i start today!

30g special k, cornflakes, rice krispies is 3pp, 2 weetabix is 3pp all fruit is free. Ru going to class?
I try to vary breakfast, you could have weetabix and banana, oat so simple, scrambled eggs on toast etc. For lunch I like to have picky foods as this is when I'm on the go, toast with jam and snack a jacks, or maybe a tuna or chicken salad, ww is so flexible you just need to check portion sizes and point away! Good luck with it!
Ah thanks guys! WW definitely seems that way - I did it 5 years ago and lost 3 stone but I did it the wrong way and all. Had was ready meals. I tried SW which was good, just, I'm not sure if it was for me??

Ok, I think I'll go for the weetabix and banana this morning. I'm thinking maybe ryvita with light phili and smoked salmon for lunch??
Oh, and I'm doing it online! Hubby works weird shifts and I have kids so won't always be able to get to meetings, though this is the first time I've done something like this online - does it require more willpower?!
I have fruit & fibre (40g) for brekkie with a sliced banana (4pts) & skimmed milk. Mid morning melba toast with cheese spread and usually a cooked lunch.. today was hake gratin with rocket salad.. yesterday was 1/2 a WW pizza with salad. I also have a cooked dinner at night xx
This morning I had belvita for brekkie as I was late for work. 4 for 6pp. I had cereal for lunch (I usually have something like a WW bagel but didnt have anything with me today). But I did have a big-ish bowl of cereal - 6pp worth (I think). It did fill me up. You can have anything you want really, its portion sizes you gotta watch and thats where I had my problem before eating way too big a portion. Good luck hon x

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