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ok ive been bad n now regret it! help

well it all started this morning! im only in my 1st week and i crnt believe it i have sat in mcds while my bf n child ave eat ive sat wiv em while they ave ad takeaways n 2day day6 i wasnt even hungry but i ate 3 pieces of chocolate! ive bn really gd all week! anyways i only had 1 pk wiv me n had 2 rush straight from my grandads (he is poory) to work so had a jacket pot wiv tuna then for tea i have a small portion of pasta! i crnt believe it!! i ave my 1st weigh in 2mora ave i ruined it???
:( :( :( :( :(
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Dont panic but........I think u mite have blown it (but only for this wk), only cos the carbs u have eaten will have caused u to store all the water again that u have lost so far this wk. U wont have gained fat, so not blown it completely but u may have ruined the chance of seeing a great loss on the scales. However u will have still lost a good amount of fat so be very proud of yourself for doing as well as u have, and dont give up, -u will see great results yet!:)


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put it behind you keep glugging the water and hopefully the scales wont be too harsh tip if your gonna eat stay away from the carbs xxxxxx
omg!! i knew it!! y did i ave 2 b such a fool! i cannot believe i have spoilt a whole week in 1 day
look, dont stress, u will still lose inches so yr cdc will know u have stuck to it mostly, just carry on as normal, u will just have an extra massive loss next wk, look forward to it!!!
my cdc never measured me!! so if i drink plenty of water now n 2mora get weighed at 4pm do u think this will ease it?? god i hope i aint put on ive done alot of walking u steep hills/banks the last couple of days!!
U wont have put any weight on, dont worry, u will have just taken yrself outa ketosis. U can drink loads of water and keep moving to use up the carb stores which will use up the water stored too. Dont stress but yr best bet is to let yr cdc know what u ate as then she will understand why u havnt lost loads. Ul b fine, uve done brill, keep it up!
thanks katie can u tell how 2 get my photo to show on ere? ive uploaded it but it dont display under my name ere
yh ive tried that not workin :(
hi i lost 2lb
Hey Kay,

don't beat yourself up too much about the slight blips. We all have them, even experienced members. This is a lifelong thing unfortunately and what you need to remember is you will get there eventually wether it be as a tortoise or a hare but you WILL get there. I myself am going the scenic route but at least it's still coming off. Drink plenty of water and have a mini goal each week, such as if you lose 3lb you sill buy yourself a magazine or some make up. Treat yourself but not with food.

Good luck and keep it up. Oh and byr the way icemoose has reminded us all to drink drink drink!!! (Water only tho lol lol)

Water does honestly help you lose it quicker.

2lbs is 2lbs well done try to resist and your weight lose next week will be so much better x


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well done on the 2lb loss

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