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help!! need advice!

hey guys!! ive had a crap few days!! made two BIG stupid mistakes in work that could have cost me my job ..but my boss is lovely and is just concerned about me! my concentration is shot on tfr! and they have asked me to do something less severe because they feel its affecting my standards! both of them have done this diet before and both feel that while it has its upsides it does affect your reactions n ability to focus!
i also have final exams in few weeks and i'm afraid that it will effect them! so ive decided to go on the maintainence program instead. i have been feeling fine and didnt notice a change in myself but i've made mistakes that i never would have done before!
anyway, i feel like ive let myself down but i have to put college and work 1st at the mo, eventhough i was really enjoying the diet! but i was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?
and also is it possible to lose weight on maintainence? the chemist said between 2-3lbs a week but id like a 2nd(or 3rd) opinion on it?? xx:copon:
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i agree it's more likely to be a combination of factors. Have you been feeling under pressure for a while? If so that can lead to concentration issues. I assess fitness for work and one of the questions i ask is have you been making mistakes in work that you wouldn't normally make? Other questions include have you been feeling more tired than usual, finding yourself reluctant to socialise as you normally would, feeling it's a bit harder to maintain your normal daily routine etc? Also are you drinking more caffeine? Smoking more if you smoke?

Have a read of this Mechanisms of Stress - Stress Management Techniques from Mind Tools
hey gg!! thanks!! yea ive rarely made mistakes in work and if i did i always copped it and fixed it but ive made mistakes that are really obvious and didnt even notice and its the only thing that has changed! i havent been feeling tired and dont smoke or anything! but i have found i have been more clumsy than usual since about week 2 of tfr! i just got such a fright in work today and both my boss and coworker have experience of this and asked me to stop! just wanted to see if anyone else experienced this! thanks gg!! sounds like an interesting job!xx
Your boss sounds really supportive and I think in this instance you have to show willing to take on board their suggestion for a few weeks at least until your exams etc are out of the way and then maybe think about going back on TFR? Even with maintainance you'll be on a low calorie diet so should still lose. There are some people who just don't tolerated these diets for whatever reason so it may be just a case of bloody bad luck which is a shame. I imagine it was quite distressing but at least you can finger the diet and not your brain lol.

But don't give up!
thanks for the advice!! yea am determined to lose more but dont want to jeopardise work..u know..they can only forgive me so many mistakes!! lets see if i can lose on maintainence!! xx
And yes my job is interesting and can be really rewarding particularly when I rehab someone back to work after a serious illness and I see their confidence grow in their ability to get "back to normal".

Not too fun when I find someone fit for work but their GP has signed them off for another 6 weeks (and usually for no apparent medical reason!). Then it can get a bit nasty as people can get quite aggressive about it. I try to explain that i only give the advice, it's up to the employer to decide what they want to do with that advice but quite often it can result in some-one's pay being stopped, Get some very sad cases aswell where people obviously are not ever going to get fit for their job again and that can be a bit distressing as I usually have to "lead" them to seeing that.

But it's certainly a lot of variety and better than working in the NHS :)
yea i can imagine that that could be very difficult sometimes especially when your looking at a situation from outside and see things others may not or dont want to see!! im doing social policy in college and finishing this year so im looking at everyones jobs that involve working with people..hence the interest!!haha!! xx
I work as an occupational health adviser aka piggy in the middle aka "the bully, i was told about you" lol.

I have to be very sure I can stand up in court and back up every piece of advice I give... if someone really goes at it about what their GP apparently said I often ask them to see if their GP would be as willing to do the same. A lot of what i do is about challenging behaviours and perceptions particularly illness behaviours.

We studied aspects of social policy as part of our qualification as "contexts for care".. i found it really interesting. I used to have the WHO website as a favourite lol. Have you come across the famous Black report of 82 (i think that was the year) yet? The one that discussed socio-economic influences on morbidity and mortality?
no..y is it famous?? yup have all the sites n journals as favs. this year though im focusing on addiction studies for thesis but a huge part of that is examining socio economics n risk groups but most of the lit. is american..difficult to get irish input..mainly stats !! it is fun though.. couldn't get access to many rehab places or groups except open meetings so had to change my topic ..doing it on binge drinking now!!! got plenty of access now...ha! x
Yup; it's a really famous report commissioned by Thatcher and then promptly ignored as it showed she would need to direct money at primary care etc lol. The Black Report and Inequalities in Health is it's official title.. Black Report has some of it

it's still considered one of the iconic reports that identified things like women see a doc sooner than men so therefore get diagnosed/treated earlier so have higher survival rates etc. Interesting reading.

Also have you discovered jiscmail.ac.uk? It's a university supported peer support forum - you should be able to find a group similar to your studies. It's really helpful and a great source of information.

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