OK just had my first CD Shake


Shakes are not my thing, but I stomached it - strawberry - was a bit like Angel Delight but I could feel my throat closing in on me, all totally psychosomatic but I couldnt manage the last half mouthful :rolleyes: is this bad??

I am sure I will prefer the soups, so did get more of those from my CD who incidentally was great, after my inital concerns and is a mum I see at my middle child's school!! Handy for swapping flavours as she said :D

So here goes, am packing my blender, a bowl and glass, several flavours ready for lunch at work and am really nervous in case I hate every minute!!

I do think seeing a good loss next Monday will spur me on tho and DH is 100% behind me which surprised me! I have also told my aunt who I am really close to, and she is 100% as well and I know she will keep it quiet but offer me good support.

SO here I go!!!! I want to be almost done and in your Inspirational Photos thread by 31 March 2007!
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Hi BiB, well done on getting through you 1st shake!:) People say your taste changes over time so you might end up loving them!!:rolleyes:
I am starting a bit later today and my end target date is the same as yours.
Good luck with this exciting journey you have embarked on.:D


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Just wanted to shout GOOD LUCK to you on your CD journey.

I don't like the strawberry shake either so your not alone there. I can highly recommend the vanilla with a spoonful of coffee or with a sprinkling of cinnamon...yummy! In fact I split my vanilla one into 3 cups worth!

Oh and recommendations.....I have to say the genie...see link...is well worth the buy. It mixes the shakes better than any other blender...and I've tried the all! You can even microwave the cup! With the soups I mix abit with hot water first add cold to fill blend then microwave. Also the genie is smaller enough to take anywhere!


Have a great day! and don't forget the water. Have it warm it goes down really well.

Off to start my restart and heed my own advice. Let us know how you get on.

Kam x


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S: 15st2lb C: 13st10lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 1st6lb(9.43%)
OOH, the vanilla with cinnamon sounds delicious.


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Good luck BiB....remember we are all in this together!! :)

Emmie Lou

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Hi BiB
You sound so positive and in the 'zone' its great!

Your first weigh in will be brill, and im pleased your meeting went well!

Keep up the good work!


Hiya, I had my first shake this morning too.. chocolate, I didnt find it too bad but I did have a mouthfull of shake then mouthfull of water to wash it down so my mouth didnt feel so bad.. maybe an idea for you to try?.. good luck hope we succeed in doing well.. I cant wait for the losses to start coming in..

Lizi x


I'm not keen on any of the shakes as shakes really. But the fruits of the forest makes a great mousse, and the chocolate, cappuccino and toffee & walnut are good as muffins. Like swankyswan I wasn't a shake drinker as a child.
I also think you feel more like you've had a meal if you have to bite it or use a spoon to eat it. So soups, muffins, mousses all mean food to me while a shake means a drink.