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Ok....Not sure what to do....


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S: 12st5lb G: 10st5lb
I am just finishing week 3 after some ups, some downs, and if any of you read the toilet post, some embarrassing moments. I feel pretty great. I have lost 15lbs and I have dropped a dress size (and 2 well needed bra sizes).

This is the thing.....as a rugby chick, and it being the end of the season. The ladies are going on tour. To play rugby, drink, drink and drink some more. If i do not drink, I will probably be punished and made to drink more! They're not horrible people its just the culture and as I am leaving the club to play for Bristol I know I will be targeted, lol.

So if I do have to fall off the wagon, any advice on stayin in ketosis or any help on trying to be as good as possible....

Also will i experience the feeling of that dreaded 1st week???

Cheers for reading this.

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If you drink it would be dangerous to do so while in ketosis so you would maybe have to come off the plan for few days make better food choices like high protein and low carb, but end of day if you drink alcohol it would be like going back to day 1 :)


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S: 12st5lb G: 10st5lb
Ouch....not what I want I may have to brush up on my acting skills and just down diet coke! x
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Hum, If you want to go on tour I don't think you have much choice. Although many here may disagree, knowing what rugby tours are like, I guess they are the same the girls as they are blokes, just go and enjoy yourself, knowing that when you get back you are going be on the diet 100%.

Don't feel guilty just get back on the diet, the only problem you have to go through the first week again, but that what you get for enjoying yourself:p

We have our end of season players dinner coming up, but I'm not going to that, too much beer and food to face so I just steering clear of it.


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Hi Rugbygirl,

There's a really interesting (scary!! lol) post in the FAQ thread on the CD Forum about alcohol and ketosis. Would definitely agree with DappyMare's suggestion about coming out of ketosis if you want to partake in the refreshments!

Whatever you decide, hope you have a fab time! :)

miss jelly tot

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Dappymare is right do NOT drink....warning to everyone who reads this. My mum had one glass of wine, passed out and was sick everwhere. It was really scary. Her blood pressure was dangerously low when she tested it hours later!! She was very close to an A&E visit. She was ill for days after. If it wasn't for KD's advice I would have not known what to do.
Rugbygirl you will need to eat at least the day before if you wish to drink or just stick to the coke. Hope you have a great time x

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