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Ok OK am sorry!


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S: 19st1lb C: 17st0lb G: 16st7lb Loss: 2st1lb(10.86%)
Guys n girls!!!!

I have an apology to make.....

i fell off the band wagon! my last posts were aong time ago. I lost a total of 2stone 4 punds in 5 weeks last time, then broke up with ma girl friend, gave up and now i was 2 pounds less than where i started.


However I have some good news, ive started again! and am already half way into my second week. This time I promis not to let ma self down. Am also single...so erm yeh no distractions

I started this time at 19stone 10 pounds

ive lost 9 pounds

my targets

16 stone and 7 pounds

ok glad to be back and ill keep yu all updated :D
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I will be skinny again!!!
S: 14st10.5lb C: 11st12.5lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 23.9 Loss: 2st12lb(19.37%)
Thats a shame!

But its good to hear you are back on the bandwagon!!

Keep us update and keep visiting!! Dont let yourself slip again :D

Good luck
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welcome back pal good luck with it similar targets to me there for me first stage


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You've already done the hard work by re-starting so well done! And it looks to me like you're going great guns so far :D



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S: 17st0lb G: 10st7lb
*waves hello* :D

I'm sorry to hear about your breakup though :(

Looking back through my own life, after a breakup (particulary a divorce) was the times I lost most weight, and that was because I was a comfort eater and as soon as I felt happy I shed the pounds!!

This time round though (after a bit of stress) I don't think I will be taking such drastic measures!!

Good luck :)


Here we go again!
Good luck with the restart Roddy! Sounds as though you are really determined this time, as we all should be. Keep up the good work.
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good luck with your restart roddy! Its hard work sometimes.... and other things come in between our goals. I think i would have probably let slip if I had been in your position. The good thing is that your back and your getting it done! good luck xx
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Well done for joining back Rodney, good luck i hope all goes well for you again. Keep your chin up. xxx


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S: 13st5.5lb C: 13st5.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good luck with your restart.


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S: 19st1lb C: 17st0lb G: 16st7lb Loss: 2st1lb(10.86%)

How friendly are you guys?!?!?!

Thanks for all your support, I will deffo keep you all updated...

btw jeans fell down today :p.....thats a good thing right



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S: 19st1lb C: 17st0lb G: 16st7lb Loss: 2st1lb(10.86%)
Kind of! i was walking to my car lol no body was around and i laughed all the way to wigan Haha


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LOL...yep thats a good thing. Good luck mate.
S: 18st9lb G: 9st0lb
Good luck with the restart Roddy - lol re the jeans!!! Hope you had clean underwear on!!!!!!


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