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Ok really odd question

Hi. Please dont think im horrible asking this but i need to know! I have a very good relationship with my bfriend and wondered if i can still "do a certain thing" to him (if you know what i mean!!!!!) if im on the LT diet as you cant have anything other than the shakes etc etc
Sorry but i dont really know how to word it!!!
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I know what you mean LOL

Umm... the only thing I could really say on this is that I'll admit to having looked into it and have pretty much only found conflicting answers.

Some say it's fine and others say no (contains citric acid)

However, from personal experience I'd say no as I did this and about half an hour later suffered bad stomach pains. Could have been coincidental but I seriously doubt it... it was the first and only time I've done it since starting LT and the first and only time I had a poorly tummy :(

So in conclusion, knock yourself out, just don't swallow anything ;) ;)

HTH, Gem xx


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It is allowed on Cambridge if really necessary ;), so possibly LT? Obviously the citric acid might be a problem.

It's low in calories. Under 10 I'm told.

Also contains:
Water - fab....makes a change from drinking out of sports bottle
Vitamin C - enough vit and minerals in the packs....do not need to add any more.
Citric acid - bad citric. :eek:
Phosphate and bicarbonates, to regulate acidity
Zinc - supposedly reduces cravings for sweeties!:cool:
Prostaglandins - prosta what?

Hope that helps :)
Even better lol


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wow!!!!! what a thread to start....thats why i just love MiniMins....ha ha
'Water - fab....makes a change from drinking out of sports bottle'
Hilarious....can't stop laughing!!! x
I reckon it'll be fine, there cant be that much to knock you out of ketosis (unless his name is the decorator), i'd say go for it as long as you get it in return;)
wow that a mad thread lol - im laughing :) very funny, interesting and informative...

wish i had this problem :( flips sake

who is this decorator anyway??? lol

ha ha ha


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Great to see so many swallowers out there ;) Give yourself a round of applause ladies :D You make life worth living ! xxx


on the up lol
what a great thead to wake up to lmao
funny!!!!!!!!!! :whistle: :D
Thanks guys. It something that has to be asked i just didnt really know how!!! Think ill keep him waiting for a while while i decide what to do.......he he!

What about the pill and the contracepyive implant?? im sure their ok to have on the diet or there would be babies everywhere!!!
I'm still taking my pill after being told on here that I should be fine. Will be having a proper chat with my doc about it when I finally get around to seeing her though :)


a new way of living!
omfg!!! lmfao!!!! good source of protein apparantly...

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