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ok so I am practically doing

SS+ I have had chicken two days running - only a bit but even so.. I am worried though as I am beating myself up for eating it and don't want to get obsessed with this.. I want to be able to enjoy food without feeling bad for eating it..

Probably doesn't make sense really but I know what I mean lol.. gosh why is it all so complicated !!

This plan has ruled my life for nearly 7 weeks, and I have 4 weeks left until I can start getting meals back into my life. How wierd is that going to be ???

I'll shut up now......
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Hi Moley

Seems like you still have a bit of an emotional battle with yourself going on regarding food. Maybe the next four weeks could be spent working on that so that once you start eating conventional food again you can just focus on that and not risk your head becoming overly involved again (and risking future weight gain)?

If you google "challenge negative thinking" there are lots of sites with advice on mental exercises you can do when you start the whole negative talking process (the beating yourself up). They take practice but they do work.
thanks hun I'll do that :) yeah definitely an emotional battle going on - I'm finding it difficult to accept that I am "slim" (so people keep telling me) I feel a little overwhelmed that 6 weeks ago I was squeezing into an 18 and now I am back into 14's. DOn't get me wrong I don't want rubbish and if someone offered me a choccie bar and said it wouldn't matter if I ate it i would turn it away honestly I would. I guess I used to hide behind my weight and think I could eat as i was big anyway so it didn't matter.

Gosh I'm deep tonight lol xx
It's natural because it happens so fast that it's hard for our minds to catch up so we have some work to do on that aspect. As the dietguy says I don't want to spend the rest of my life "trying to keep the weight off". I want to live life slim like naturally slim people; I want to be one of those naturally slim people and to get there I am going to have to do some work on my mind as well as on my body.
you talk a lot of sense GG ;) x
you talk a lot of sense GG ;) x

I can talk the talk; walking the walk is sometimes the hard bit for me :D But I guess that's because challenging ourselves and having honest conversations with ourselves is an uncomfortable process so our mind's habits fight against it and you have to force yourself to go forward.

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