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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Overtiredmum, 29 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. Overtiredmum

    Overtiredmum Full Member


    No-one will remember me. I started my CD journey 2 years ago, reached my target after 3 months and kept it off for six months. Then discovered I was pregnant with my second child. Had my daughter in May this year, rejoined somewhat half-heartedly in August, lost just over a stone, but decided to come off it and what until I felt ready to do CD properly. Thus, set myself a target to rejoin on 1 January 2010. I am starting Friday and seeing my wonderful counsellor on Monday. Hoping to lose 2 stone to get back to pre-pregnancy weight, so plllleeeeaaasssseeeee ........ fill me with inspiration!
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  3. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Hi there! I did cd last year and lost 2 and a half stones, didnt do the programmes properly so here i am again!!! ( i havent got as much to lose this time- thank goodness) I find if i come on here when my motivation is low it does wonders and gives me the much needed will power. Good luck with your re-start

  4. Overtiredmum

    Overtiredmum Full Member

    Thanks Jules. I have less to lose than I did originally, so I too am very grateful for that. I found Minimins a total godsend last time, so many motivating stories. I found SS really easy last time since I work evenings so am not at home when the family are sitting down to dinner, am hoping for the same this time!
  5. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    I work shifts, days, nights, sleepovers etc so find it really difficult to ss however my OH is due back from sea in 5 weeks or so, so im hoping he will have a lovely new me to return to!! Thats my motivatng factor at the moment

  6. Overtiredmum

    Overtiredmum Full Member

    Bless, Jules, thats lovely - he'll be coming home to a new woman!
  7. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    I hope so!!!!

  8. dreamingmaid

    dreamingmaid Silver Member

    Like you i lost weight, had a baby, put it on again and finally lost it once and for all. I'm smaller now pre pregnancies and infact pre wedding. Ha ha! It can be done....best of luck to you.
  9. blush

    blush Full Member

    hi there
    i started ss 3 weeks ago after having 2 babies in 2 yrs! went upto 14 stones each time! really want to get to atleast 4 stones lighter and get rid of the donut jelly belly! any slimmer than that il be jumping over the moon!
    good luck with the diet, i lost first stone in 3 weeks (cant change my ticker) hoping to have a good week this time and get down to 11 stones something.....

    hopefully see you on here for chats x
  10. AlyB

    AlyB Full Member

    welcome back!!
    im sure you will get on great with the re-start, there are alot in the same boat, and we are all here for you!
  11. scojos

    scojos Full Member

    im new today too, soo far so good:D
  12. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie Silver Member

    I lost 5.5 stones in 2008 on cd began end of Jan, felt amazing by Aug 2008 found out I was pregnant Xmas 2008 with baby no3. Gained shed loadsa weight not sure exactly how much cos I'm scared to get on the scales lol, but know its at least 3.5 stone. So will be back on the cd wagon in January. if we can do it once we can do it again!
  13. Overtiredmum

    Overtiredmum Full Member

    I am now counting down the hours til I restart CD tomorrow. Am heading to friends with the kids to celebrate the NY "quietly", although alcohol will be consumed (not by the kids!!). Sitting here feeling the roll of fat around my jeans waistband, I actually cannot wait until tomorrow!
  14. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Hi hun.

    In theory, I should remember you cos we were around at the same time in 2008. But forgive me, I don't. Old age, probably...;)

    Just wanted to wish you all the best for tomorrow. I shall also be restarting - for real this time! - tomorrow.

    Hope you have a fantastic evening and dare to believe, like me, that this is the last New Year's Eve that you and I shall be feeling those pesky rolls of fat! :D
  15. fed-up-and-fat

    fed-up-and-fat hoping for a good loss

    Loving this forum, is so nice getting to know people in similar situation to me.Jules, I work nights and hope it isn't going to mess up doing CD too muchCharlie xx
  16. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Hi fed up, I just find it difficult because of working a mixture of shifts, and that changes week to week, if you work permanent nights then i guess you will just be having your packs around the same time as you would have had your meals? My saviour at the mo is my bottle of water! I have actually taken a shift at work tonight ( where i am at present ) to distract me from all the partying and food!!!!!

  17. icandoit

    icandoit Full Member

    Good luck

    Hi Overtiredmum

    Like you I start cd a couple of years a go and now im back. I have a 1 year old boy and want to lose the weight so im not a fat mummy!
    Love the name by the way, I can relate to that!

    I started today as well so good luck.

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