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Ok so i have started the CD TODAY yay!!


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~Drum Roll~ {{{Natasha}}} has started the CD today!!!

Hiya everyone

So today is the FIRST day of SS on the Cambridge Diet, its 10:10am and i have already drank 1 1/2Lrs of water:D. I am weeing like a race horse tho haha!! My first pack was at 9:00am and was the original Porriage which i have to admitt was very yummy glad i will be having that every Morning hehe.

I have a Chocolate Mint shake all ready for my lunch which i think will also be very nice ~licks lips~ I am not feeling to hungry at the moment (maybe coz i just had my porriage an hour ago:p) but i am sure that will change in a few hours haha.

Everyone at work is really supportive which makes it so lovely and alot easier. The woman i work with in the office she was thinking about doing CD but decided it was not for her but is going to support me by also trying to lose weight in her own way (how fab is that) So today we have been having our bottles of water and drinking lots and then taking it in turns to go the toilet LOL. Its really nice that i have someone at work whos keeping an eye on me too and helping me.

I am really lucky for EVERYONE to be so supportive towards me, on here everyone is great i am addicted to this site haha. Kels has started today also (good luck hun) and has txt me and been supportive LOADS even my bf and family are being so supportive and now my work is helping me and supporting me... how lucky am i!!!!

Ok i must run the toilet again lol good luck everyone who is also starting this week. I will report back when i make it through lunch time haha xxxxx
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Aww thanks hun so far has been so good but it is only 10:30 haha!!

Ooo Slayley Hall is lovely :D its about 10 - 15mins from Hexham. I am often up there as a few of my friends live in the little village of slayley hehe! Where abouts are you from? xxxx


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Good luck Tash - am right there with ya and am on day 4 hit a few bumps in the road already on my journey but am managing to hang on in there ;o) x


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Oh cool not to far from me and Kels then. I love the metro just wish i could clothes shop in nice stops like Jane Norman and shops like that insead of JUST evens lol.

Aw thanks trash, well your doing great so far hun dont worry about misshaps they will happen just glad you are carring on and starting again hehe! Well done <3 xx


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Good luck Tasha!!!
It does make a huge difference to have so much support xxx


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Yaaay Good luck Tasha on your journey through CD :) I know you are going to do GREAT hun you will have loads of confidence after your first week if you keep motivated and stick with it 100%.

Glad you are drinking ya water... and the mint shake is yummy :) Focus on getting through today dont worry about tomorrow or the next day just concentrate on day 1 ^.^ Hope it all goes well for you

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Good Luck Tasha - I only started yesterday so am still feeling positive. Just had a vanilla shake mixed in with a coffee and it was lovely its nice having the shakes hot in this weather. Gonna have soup for tea then a hot choc orange before bed (I get 4 a day) and I am actually looking foreward to them and also the empty less bloated feeling I will get in a few days

Take Care it sounds like the support you are getting is just fab and it certainly helps

H xXx


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good luck Tasha, you know you can do this and its great to have so much support

ive just had my choc mint hot, should've been my brekkie one but i was going for WI this morning so took a bar with me for afterwards, then i forgot about it and ended up halving it before and after work lol