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Ok, so we're losing weight, now what?!

I thought that I'd start a new thread (but not sure if I've done it right!) cos a few of us are worried about what we're going to look like at the end of the weight-loss journey....... this is what started the thread....

Originally Posted by SandraB
Catching up on here and FB and then going to head for the gym, trying to get back into going every other day as don't want to have baggy skin at the end of this! Saw an amazing programme on Living channel last night where this young girl had to have a full body lift and breast implants after losing 8 stone! She was only in her early 20's and whilst she had lost twice as much as I need to lose I was horrified at what it had done to her skin! I guess that whilst we're on LT we're so concerned at losing the weight that we don't give too much thought
as to what we're actually going to look like at the end of it! I've got a little roll on my tummy following my hysterectomy but as I was only about 10 1/2 stone when I had it done the scar is very, very thin and faint.

I love this forum and it's been a godsend to me. Love checking up how everyone's doing and it gives me the determination and motivation to do this and know were all in the same boat.

I've been watching my body change and have been thinking about the lose skin thing! The areas i'm concerned with are my tummy and boobs. It's great I no longer have a belly, think i'll always have a bit of lose skin around tummy due to three children. Been massaging in cocoa butter, don't know if it'll work, but anythings worth a try. My boobs are disappearing though, which i'm not too happy about. They look great in a bra, down to a 36D now, but feel a bit self conscious without, they just seem like empty bags of skin. Hoping for a lottery win to sort them out!

Emma x

yeah that is what im most worried about.. i get so many compliments on my boobs 36e but theyre already pointing down i dont want saggy boobs,, im only 19 lol!.. looks like there will probably be an uplift along the way... lets hope not though! ha x


OK.....so as I said at the top...now what? Bells is worried about her body and she's only 19 so there's no hope for an old bird like me who's 50! But having said that I don't actually have any stretch marks (I guess that's cos I've never kids:D) and we are all surely going to have a bit of spare skin but one thing's also for sure....I doubt if
many of us have either the inclination or the money to contemplate surgery! So, all you guys who have lost tremendous amounts of weight...how have you coped? what does losing 50lbs or even 100lbs do to your body and does your age make a big difference? I guess that exercise will tone the underlying muscles but how much can your skin 'spring' back?

Comments, opinions and advice gratefully received!
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I have to say that so far, having lost over 30lbs, I've not noticed any saggy skin at all, and my boobs are still reasonably firm (they've always been big, and consequently slightly droopy (!) but I've gone from 36F to 34F and they appears to have shrunk a tiny bit all over rather than 'emptying' and going floppy) - is that TMI?! :d

I've got another 25lbs to go though...

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Personally, I think you shoudl focus on your health first. Which is better, to continue carrying too much weight or have a bit of loose skin. I've lost a lot of weight and am in the 50 age bracket but my skin is not too saggy. A little loose on the upper arms and a little on the tummy but nothing that looks gross like you see on some of the tv documentaries.


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I have lost 8stone and yes my boobs are a little bit droppier than say another 23year old woman but i certainly wouldnt call them saggy just yet. I thought i was an A cup but after losing my weight went and got measured and was happy to find out i'm actually a 40C!!!
As for saggy skin - i dont have any. Well, a very tiny tiny tiny bit on the my inner thighs and my belly if i breathe in looks like a rounded w but its certainly nothing worth shouting about thats for sure.

I really wouldnt worry too much. Everybody's body is different. That woman lost 8stone and needed lots of surgery, i've lost 8stone and don't need any.

Its true the older you get the less elasticity your skin has but like molly said, first and foremost concentrate on your health. Sure do a little toning if you like, it certainly wont do any harm.
Well, ive almost reached goal nd well.... I'm 32, a short' 5ft1", nd lost a stone nd a half. I have very fair skin and to say stretch marks.... I have them on the backs of my knees, upper arms, groin, thighs, hips nd tummy. I had a bust reduction about 10 yrs ago which gave them a lift but they are in need of some scaffolding now!!! Bio oil is quite good but you know, my skin has been stretched for quite sometime so will take a while I think!!!! On the positive side, not many people will b seeing my bits that close up and I am soooo much happier to be wearing things in sizes I could only have dreamt of. I know sumone who is a good 10yrs my senior nd lost stones and her skin is fine, its the 'luck' of the draw I think. I do think though, i would love a boob lift!!!!!!!!!!

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