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Ok to use other TFR products as well as LT???

I am finding the LT products ok but travelling for work is a bit of a pain as the flapjacks - although I can just about eat the peanut one with loads of water - are foul!
I found the slim and save website and thought their products looked pretty good so ordered a few to try.
The chicken soup was no better than LT and you get less so not fussed about that.
The spaghetti bolognese on the other hand was really nice.
I have yet to try the chocolate truffa bar, banana delight bar, lemon, yogurt and white chocolate bar, cottage pie, or their shakes - they do banana which may make a nice change.
If the bars are nice (and their forum would suggest they are) then they may be a great alternative to LT flapjacks if I am travelling, and the spag bol may just make an occasional nice change from LT soup or hot shake.
I just think this may help keep me 100% as a little more variety would mitigate against me getting bored.
I would have thought it would be ok to swap the odd LT "meal" with a slim and save one as calories are around the same as is nutrition and they are meant to be taken as part of 100% TFR programme.
Just wondered what people thought of this? Has anyone else done something similar and if so was it ok?
As always, any advice greatfully received, thanks x
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If its a ketogenic diet then i'm sure its fine hun!! Sure LT would say NO NO NO!!! Lol... but if it helps you stay on track... i don't see the harm... x
Hi Hunni,
I`d agree with Deezer, IF its a Ketosis diet the same then why not? But I wouldn`t tell the pharmacist as they may refuse to continue to weigh and support you... just a thought.... L xx


Determind dieter :D
Also lets face it if they made them taste nicer ...would we just have 1 at a time??? ... I know if they tasted good I'd drink more of them and then whoopsie back where I started ~lol~ x x x
That`s exactly right Trueleame.... its re~training our brains not just our bods!.... hope your ok LorraineA? L xx
I use the Lemon bars with my CD products and my CDC has no problem with this, hasn't affected my weight loss, in fact they are slightly smaller than the CD ones and less calories lol x
Thanks guys for the good advice and support. I have now tried the banana shake and actually liked it and the cottage pie and it was not too bad. Strangely enough I didn't want more but just felt nicely replete just as I do with the LT products. Going to try the bars when working away Weds and Thurs and then think will order more just to supplement LT - and no I wasn't going to tell the pharmacist lol x
Do let us know does it make any difference by u having other products. Does it affect your weight loss? As im sort off considering trying other products too but if i can get some feed back from u would be great. Thanks

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