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ok ...... um, before i defect


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help me CD gang!
Seriously thinking of defecting to atkins as being on SS+ is ok to a certain extent and has totally cured by carb craving like Potatoes, cakies, bread. Really think ill manage big style on atkins.
What do you think? should I stay or go? i like you as well!
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Personally I vote for you to stay on CD SS+, its working well, yet you've only given it a short time, I think by going the atkins route now your just losing sight of your goal, its the pull of the food thats calling you to it, but thats just my opinion :p


Queen of the Damned
Give it two weeks. You may well find that you prefer where you are, what you're doing, and be happy with the results.

Atkins will still be there in a fortnight....


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oooh i do love your support - thank you xx

Serena A

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Agree with DQ. I've done Atkins before and despite an impressive initial loss it stalled after 3-4 weeks even though I'd not cheated or got complacent (honestly - I'm very all or nothing). After another 2 weeks of weight not budging I got frustrated and gave up. My friend was the same - lost in the first few weeks, couldn't shift any more then gave up.

Now I know if I'd just stuck it out I probably would have started to lose again but it was too disheartening - looking at everyone else's losses a vlcd seems to be the only diet where, unless you're nearly at goal, you're absolutely guaranteed to lose weight each week if you don't cheat (bar totm but it catches up the next week). Don't fall off CD this early hun but good luck whatever you decide...xx


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I was just reading your online diary and enjoyed it- made me laugh out loud.

Something I did think though is that no wonder you're thinking of changing, because you're finding the CD shakes so horrible. I know it took me a while first time round to find out my favourites, but once I did it made such a big, big difference. I look forward to all my CD stuff now so it doesn't feel like a deprivation.

How about trying ice in your shakes and putting them in a blender? I love choc mint done like that- it really is much more palatable than on it's own.

Tetras are great on their own or with ice, or topped up with hot water for hot chocolate.

In another 4 days you'll be allowed bars- and they're lovely.

I'd agree with the other saying keep on SS+ for now. You're doing really well to be sticking to it and once you've found things that work for you even better, then it'll get easy. If you really never adjust to the taste, then I would say at that point, it's probably best to find another, because 100 days with only green and white stuff making you happy on the nourishment front is a long, long time.

Good luck



My 3 Furry Amigos
Oops, I haven't seen your diary, so my original answer was for the question put to us on this thread, if your struggling with tastes etc, then thats a whole new discussion (which thankfully KateF has said everything I would say) :p

Hope your sticking to losing weight regardless of what plan you do...now i'm off to find your diary ;)

talk soon xx


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi I have just had a look at your diary its highly amusing(I have the same soh as you)but.........I did only read through the first few days so Im going back to check are you only having 2 packs and the meal SS+ is 3 and the meal if Ive got this wrong and youre having 3 sorry if not I hate to break the news you need 3 ,Youre gonna hate me is this something you have sorted with CDC ?
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no - stay on here. atkins will make you feel sick of meat and is expensive. i am on week 5 and seriously did not think i would make it past day 3. its the easiest diet i have ever done.
Stick with it. I did Atkins and like most, lost well for the first fortnight (as you do on CD) but then lost nothing, gave up and put it back on. CD is the BEST way to lose weight ASAP. Stick it out and you'll be glad you did. It's much healthier than Atkins too as generally Atkins is a high-fat diet and I got very bored of cheese, meat and eggs after a while! Cured my cheese addiction tho!


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im only managing 2 shakes a day becuase I hate them. The diet will probably work out to be something like the 810 becuase I do eat a little more meat and veg from my allowance plus I take a carb and fat free multi vitamin/nutrient full tablet everyday to make sure Im not depriving mysef of the essentials.
I go on to bars tonight and will switch to porridge which will make this diet perfect for me :)


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Good luck with your weight loss,hope you didnt mind me pointing that out,love your diary,hope you like the bars i couldnt manage without them,I only have the cranberry but I like them all

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